Thursday, July 18, 2013

DeSean Still Feeling Effects of Concussion?!?

By this time you have either heard or read about DeSean Jackson's First Take Interview.

I really don't put much stock into anything DeSean does off the field.  As long as the guy steps up on Sundays (heck, I'd even take him staying on the field) I am OK with ignoring his rap albums, back flips into pools, and unwarranted support of Michael Vick as the Eagles starting QB this season.

What I do have a hard time overlooking is his comment about the Eagles being a top-5 team in the NFL this season.  Um, hello...last season's record was 4-12, not 12-4.  Did this guy learn nothing from the idiotic comments made in past seasons by Vince Young (Dream Team!) and Michael Vick (Dynasty!).

Hopefully unlike past seasons, the play on the field this season generates reviews as positive as the preseason reviews.  Otherwise it might not just be Michael Vick that the team gets rid of after this season.  Also out the door might be a supposedly #1 WR with putrid numbers of 45 catches, 700 yards, 2 TDs, and -7 rushing yards.

Less talk, more production.

Excitement...Welcome Back

Bleed Eagles Green lives on. 

Andy Reid might have put a serious damper on the Eagles passion and excitement that lives in this body and blood, but he could not kill it (just put it in hibernation for a few years!).

Like so many other fans, the change from Reid to Chipper has me excited for the first time in years about an upcoming Eagles season.  And not just a little excited, no, I am talking about Brian Dawkins pre-game excited!

I look forward to sharing this excitement (and any knowledge I may have picked up over these past few years) with you in the upcoming weeks and months.

I am BACK!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Top Tips for Football Betting

Football betting can be a game of luck, but knowing your stuff always helps. The more you know about the game, the more exciting betting can be and the better the results.

An important thing to make clear when starting out with betting is to be responsible. Know your limits and know how you can prevent any mishaps. It is a good idea to check out online betting sites to make sure they offer deposit limits; and do offer these and remember that it makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

It’s always a good idea when making a bet to make sure you are placing your bet at the best place, this way you get the most from your money. It does tend to be very beneficial to bet online, simply because of the many offers available. Compare football odds over the Internet and bet at the best prices for your chosen market. Check to see if there are any money back specials at the time of placing your bet, which means you don’t have to lose a penny.

By now you should have a clear grasp on the different markets available out there to bet on. So depending on what you bet on, it is best to research around the area. If you’re fancying placing your bets on a certain player scoring first, have you had a look at their recent performances? The same applies with betting on a team to win, your team may be clear winners but are they really doing that well at the minute? When betting on these areas it is a good idea to look at the formbook, many teams also have their own page dedicated to team data so keep updated with this before you place any bets. Having prior knowledge and idea of statistics will not hinder your chances!

 If you are more of a horse race betting man then make sure you check out the to get the latest free bets offers.

Review of Football themed Casino Games

Alongside playing Fantasy Football, casino games based on the game are great diversions from the emotional strain of following your team through the season, and this probably accounts for the huge popularity of both activities. Again like Fantasy Football, there are a number of different options open to those who want football themed casino games – although one of the best known is probably $5 Million Touchdown.

This five reel, nine pay line game, which features a video bonus game, is named after the size of the maximum jackpot available – which goes a long way to explaining why you should enjoy playing it. However, beyond that it also offers a brilliant NFL themed slots experience, particularly when it comes to the bonus game. This game involves you having to pass the football from one player to another, until you either fumble it (in which case you lose) or you score a touchdown (which sees you win). With each pass you successfully make, you increase your bonus credits, and this game goes a long way towards capturing the excitement of an actual NFL game.

It isn’t the only American football slots game available though, with probably the most notable rival to it being Pigskin Payout – the name referring to the football itself. This game features fine graphics, depicting a stadium backdrop, with the actual reels designed to look like a scoreboard. As with $5 Million Touchdown, the reel icons are all familiar sights from a typical NFL game, including a quarterback, referee, cheerleader, and the 50 yard line, while should you score a winning reel, you will see the cheerleader dance, the player avoid a tackle and the referee blow his whistle. Pigskin Payout also offers the chance of a really big payout – perhaps not the size of $5 Million, but still bigger than most slots games – thanks to its Jackpot Can’t Lose bonus feature. Both of these online casino games should prove just as fun as playing NFL Fantasy Football, for fans of the league and of betting.

Monday, December 6, 2010

BCFootball Playoff Predictions

Philadelphia Eagles: 11-5 Win NFC East (3 seed)
Chicago Bears: 10-6 Wildcard (6 seed)
Green Bay Packers: 11-5 Win NFC North (2 seed)
Atlanta Falcons: 12-4 Wildcard (5 seed)
New Orleans Saints: 12-4 Win NFC South (1 seed)
Seattle Seahawks: 9-7 Win NFC West (4 seed)

New England Patriots 13-3 Win AFC East (1 seed)
New York Jets 12-4 Wildcard (5 seed)
Baltimore Ravens 11-5 Wildcard (6 seed)
Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3 Win AFC North (2 seed)
Jacksonville Jaguars: 10-6 Win AFC South (4 seed)
Kansas City Chiefs: 11-5 Win AFC West (3 seed)

NFC Wildcard Rd
Chicago at Philadelphia
Winner: Philadelphia

Atlanta at Seattle
Winner: Atlanta

AFC Wildcard Rd
Baltimore at Kansas City
Winner: Baltimore

New York Jets at Jacksonville
Winner: New York Jets

NFC Divisional Rd
Atlanta at New Orleans
Winner: New Orleans

Philadelphia at Green Bay
Winner: Green Bay

AFC Divisional Rd
Baltimore at New England
Winner: Baltimore

New York Jets at Pittsburgh
Winner: New York Jets

NFC Championship Game
Green Bay at New Orleans
Winner: Green Bay

AFC Championship Game
Baltimore at New York Jets
Winner: Baltimore

Baltimore vs. Green Bay
Winner: Green Bay

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midterm Season Review

The 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Season is at it's halfway mark following the Eagles' impressive win over Indianapolis on Sunday night. It's suddenly November, the month when things in the NFL begin to really become lucid, and a lot of our questions about the season can be answered. Who are the contenders, and who are the pretenders? Which rookies are panning out, and which ones are floundering? November is a very important month. The Eagles started it off with a convincing win over Indianapolis, 26-24.

Here are some of my thoughts and reactions to the Eagles' season so far:

- The team's extremely weak at cornerback. Samuel isn't a lockdown corner and is getting older, Hobbs is most definitely nothing more than a nickel corner, and Patterson is ok as a third, though he looked pretty good against the Colts replacing Hobbs. I'd like to see more out of Lindley, as I really liked him coming out of the draft.

- Nate Allen looks like he'll be the starting free safety for years. Good instincts, very high football iq, not afraid to make a big tackle (unlike Samuel), and is still only going to get better.

- Graham isn't playing like the preseason favorite to win DROY. He has looked great at times, but I think we all expected too much out of a rookie in a tough defense to learn. I still think he and Cole will be a top d-end duo next year.

- It can be argued that our receiving corps is one of the best in the league. DeSean and Maclin are one of the most explosive duos I've seen in a long time, Avant is the most sure-handed third WR in the game, and Cooper has shown flashes of being a great vertical threat. Celek is having a down year statistically, but I think that's more because Vick doesn't look to him very much than poor play on his part.

- This team's inevitably going to have to make a huge decision come 2011. Vick or Kolb? They're going to trade one of them, though I'd like to see them both stay, with Kolb serving as the backup to #7.

Now, here are my Vegas picks for the week (home team in caps):

Baltimore (+1) over ATLANTA
Houston (+1) over JACKSONVILLE
MIAMI (+1) over Tennessee
Minnesota (-1) over CHICAGO
Kansas City (-1) over DENVER
St. Louis (+6) over SAN FRANCISCO
Dallas (+14) over NEW YORK GIANTS
CLEVELAND (+3) over New York Jets
Philly (-3) over WASHINGTON

I know those aren't all of the games, but for some reason some of the lines weren't up on Bodog.

Lock of the week: St Louis +6 over San Fran. San Francisco shouldn't be giving six points to anyone.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Been A Long Season! Let's End It Strong! This Is A Post From BGN By Bye, Dawk :( GO BIRDS!!!

by Bye, Dawk :( on 27 comments
It's been a long, long season, complete with injuries, the absence of familiar faces, and all kinds of other distractions and nonsense. And yet, right now, none of that matters. It's a new season, a new beginning, and despite having a challenging road ahead as the 6th seed in the NFC, the Eagles have as good a shot as anyone to go to the Super Bowl. So before we head into the games that really matter, let's take one last look at the obstacles we've overcome thus far (in timeline fashion), and let's put them behind us and move ahead...

February 27, 2009 - Perhaps the most beloved player in the history of Philadelphia sports (a town that has crossed paths with the likes of Julius Erving, Mike Schmidt, Reggie White, etc), Brian Dawkins signs a free agent contract with the Denver Broncos.

February 27, 2009 - Further solidifying February 27, 2009 as one of the worst days in Eagles franchise history, the Eagles announce that they have signed OT Stacy Andrews to a 6 year, $39.8 million contract.
March 9, 2009 - In a brilliant PR move, the Eagles fire physically disabled employee Dan Leone for voicing his displeasure with the Eagles' front office for not getting an extension done with Brian Dawkins. The message sent is loud and clear to all other physically disabled, minimum wage Eagles employees - No further similar incidents have been reported since.
All of March/April - BGN is bombarded with annoying "We Need Anquan Boldin" fan posts.
April 21, 2009 - Sheldon Brown publicly requests a trade, says that Trent Cole and Mike Patterson should also be unhappy with their contracts.
June 4, 2009 - It is revealed that the Eagles best offensive threat (at the time), Brian Westbrook, will need surgery to remove painful bone spurs in his right ankle. He will miss all of training camp.

July 24, 2009 - Sean McDermott is named Eagles permanent defensive coordinator, thus confirming that Jim Johnson will not coach the Eagles this year.
July 26, 2009 - Eagles hire Todd Pinkston as an intern. Several months later, Jeremy Maclin will "Pinkston" a deep ball in the regular season finale against Dallas.
July 28, 2009 - Eagles' longtime defensive coordinator and legendary football man, Jim Johnson, dies of cancer.

August 3, 2009 - Starting standout MLB Stewart Bradley tears ACL, out for the season.

August 5, 2009 - After missing 8 days of camp, Jeremy Maclin finally reports for duty after signing his rookie contract with the Eagles. Coming from a spread offense in college, it was a concern for some that his development would take more time than usual to adapt to a Pro-style offense.
August 5, 2009 - Juqua Parker and Todd Herremans decide to take a little break from the rigors of training camp by chilling in the dark with a couple young sluts in the shadiest van I've ever seen. Parker is arrested for possession of weed.

(That's not a joke - That's the actual van.)
August 6, 2009 - Derrick Burgess is traded from the Raiders to the Patriots. The Eagles were interested in Burgess, who would have been a really nice player to add to the pass-rushing mix.
August 8, 2009 - The horrific week continues - Promising rookie TE Cornelius Ingram tears ACL, out for season.

August 12, 2009 - Another injury? Really? This time it's Todd Herremans, with a stress reaction, or a stress fracture, or something. He'll miss the first 5 games, leaving the Eagles with just 2 projected starters along the O Line.
September 1, 2009 - Quintin Demps complains that he wasn't handed the starting job, throws hissy fit.
September 3, 2009 - Apparently determining that spending 19 months in Leavenworth isn't quite enough, Commissioner Roger Goodell decides that suspending Michael Vick for 2 games is juuuuuust the right amount of extra time Vick needs to be away from football to satisfy his debt to society.

September 5, 2009 - Eagles cut legendary CB Jack Ikegwuonu. A single, heart-wrenching scream is heard far and wide throughout the Delaware valley.
September 5, 2009 - Dan Klecko cut. Any player at every position breathes a sigh of relief.
September 6, 2009 - The Eagles place rookie OT Fenuki Tupou on IR... (kneeling and looking toward the heavens with arms outstretched)... "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" OK, so this one is more of a "redshirt" type deal.
September 13, 2009 - In a Week 1 win over the Carolina Panthers, Donovan McNabb suffers a cracked rib on a TD run on a questionable late hit in the endzone. He will miss the next 2 weeks.

September 15, 2009 - The Eagles place formerly projected starting RT Shawn Andrews on IR due to a "sore back," out for season.

(overhead view of Andrews' hair)
October 18, 2009 - Jason Peters is injured and his replacement, King Dunlap, asked the Raiders nicely if they'll leave Donovan McNabb alone. Despite promising to be their best friend, the Raiders instead decide to toss Dunlap around like a rag doll in route to an embarrassing Eagles loss.
October 28, 2009 - Eagles place versatile LB Omar Gaither on IR with a lisfranc injury, out for season.
November 3, 2009 - OK, so this one isn't football related, but the Phillies lose to the Yankees in the World Series. This owner of this truck celebrates alone in his room with... well... himself.

November 11, 2009 - The Eagles place Ellis Hobbs on IR due to a serious neck injury, out for season.
November 11, 2009 - Once a loaded position, in addition to losing Ellis Hobbs for the season, the Eagles lose yet another CB, Joselio Hanson, to a suspension for taking a diuretic. Pat Williams and Kevin Williams of the Vikings, as well as Will Smith and Charles Grant of the Saints also tested positive for a diuretic, but only Hanson draws a suspension. Thanks again, Mr. Goodell.

November 12, 2009 - Mike Pereira, VP of officiating of the NFL, admits the officials erred in their challenge review by not moving the spot of the ball on Donovan McNabb's game-changing QB sneak attempt in a loss to Dallas. Eagles fans are briefly happy about Pereira's comments for 0.3 seconds.
December 29, 2009 - The Eagles place Jamaal Jackson on IR, with... take a guess. Anyone? Bueller? Another ACL tear. This leaves ONE offensive lineman that will have started all 16 games - Wanna guess who? Hint - it's a guy that many thought wouldn't even make the team (myself included)... Winston Justice.

(No date) - A tally of all those who have missed at least 1 full game this season...
Starters on IR (or soon to be added to the IR list)…
- RT Shawn Andrews- MLB Stewart Bradley- C Jamaal Jackson
Others on IR…
- LB (all LB positions) Omar Gaither- CB Ellis Hobbs- TE Cornelius Ingram- T Fenuki Tupou (although that’s more of a "redshirt" type situation)
Starters that have missed at least one full game due to injury…
- QB Donovan McNabb (2 games)- RB Brian Westbrook (8 games)- WR Jeremy Maclin (1 game)- WR DeSean Jackson (1 game)- LT Jason Peters (1 game)- LG Todd Herremans (5 games)- RG Stacy Andrews (6 games)- OLB Chris Gocong (1 game)- OLB Akeem Jordan (4 games)
Others that have missed at least one full game due to injury…
- WR Kevin Curtis (13 games)- QB Michael Vick (1 game, 2 more for suspension)- DE Victor Abiamiri (3 games)- CB Joselio Hanson (4 game suspension)

(taking deep breath)
It's been a looooong, extraordinarily challenging year, and despite all the setbacks above, despite the laundry list of injuries, despite the death of our defensive coach and the departure of our defensive leader, and despite the various acts of stupidity, the Eagles still went 11-5 and find themselves with a golden opportunity to make a deep playoff run in a conference where there is no current dominant team.

(riding around on my horse like William Wallace)

(OK, I suck at the graphics, but you get the idea)
Anyway, continuing...
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now. What happened to the BGN I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be one of the greatest games of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you, we might get let down again." Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Romo, he's a dead man! Barber, dead! Witten, dead! Austin, dead!!!
I say this to YOU, Dallas Cowboys...
You're going to bitch and moan about about some schmuck spitting on your logo, when you haven't faced anywhere near the adversity the Eagles have faced this season? Well EFF YOU, WE'RE WINNING ANYWAY! In fact, you know what?
HHHHAAAAAAOOOOOGGGKKKKKKK... THHHaaaaaaWWIIIIIIIIT!!! There's another loogie for your star.
You got your home game with your mildly interested 100,000 fans golf clapping in a nice, friendly, temperature-controlled environment? Well EFF YOU, WE'RE WINNING ANYWAY!
You swept the regular season? Good for you. It means nothing in the tourney. Nothing. EFF YOU, WE'RE WINNING ANYWAY!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Westbrook Maybe Coming Back This Week With A Special Helmet!

The chance of Brian Westbrook playing this week is continuing to increase. The veteran Running Back has been out for a total of 7 games this season, most recently because of multiple sustained concussions. Westbrook, a 3-time Pro-Bowl player, has been undergoing tests and evaluations from various medical examiners and neurosurgeons over the past few weeks, and appears to finally be ready to return to the field.
It was dubbed likely that Westbrook would miss the entire season and perhaps be forced to retire from football when he initially suffered his second concussion of the year while playing against the
San Diego Chargers in early November. However, the team has made it quite clear that the versatile runner is far from being done, and that he is probably even going to suit up this Sunday versus the 49ers.
According to a team source, Westbrook is planning on donning a specially-designed helmet if/when he returns to the
Eagles’ lineup. The head piece apparently contains an additional protective padding that is not found in other helmets. It also includes a shock-absorbing material that was actually used to protect the heads of former Navy SEAL soldiers in battle. If a football helmet with the strength of an army warrior’s head piece isn’t enough to keep the 8th-year player safe, then I certainly don’t what will. Seriously, though, this special piece of equipment is designed to turn hard hits into “glancing blows”, reducing the possibility of sustaining a concussion.
Head coach Andy Reid made no comment about the potential helmet change for Westbrook, but he did speak regarding the RB’s practice status for the week: “I am today [planning on having Westbrook playing this week] … It’s a day-to-day thing.” [He will practice with the scout team this week, and we're] just getting him back into football shape.”
In other injury news, TE Brent Celek missed this afternoon’s practice session with a sore back, but WR Kevin Curtis–who has been out since Week 2 with a nagging knee injury–was able to participate in a limited role.

Eagles Vs. San Francisco. Is It A Trap Game?

Is This A Trap Game?
Picture this: You have just come off a big victory over a playoff contender, and your team is being hyped up by the national media as a Super Bowl contender. And now, you get to take on the sub-.500 San Francisco 49ers.
This describes the
Philadelphia Eagles.
A week ago it described the
Arizona Cardinals.
Arizona's 30-17 victory over Minnesota (that was not as close as the score indicates) was arguably more impressive than our win yesterday. They were in prime position for a 3-seed and in striking distance of Minnesota for the first-round bye. They had a chance to clinch the NFC West for the second year in a row in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football.
What did they do? They turned the ball over 7 times.
Frank Gore rushed for 167 yards and the 49ers had a comfortable victory.
The Eagles cannot afford to have an emotional let-down. The fact is they are playing another tough team that will cause some match up problems. We are the better team, we are playing at home against a west coast team playing on a short week. But we CANNOT sleep on this game. The Eagles need to come out with the same intensity as last week. They have not won anything yet. I want to see the young guys (particularly Desean Jackson, who has been a national sensation this week) come out with the same intensity again.
Offensively, we have an advantage.
Roddy White torched the 49ers secondary for 200 yards and I think the Eagles should have success through the air. The matchup of Brent Celek and Patrick Willis should be interesting as well. However, I expect the Eagles to put up at least 28 points.
The defense is another story. Can they shake off last week's effort? They're facing young, but talented receivers again this week.
Michael Crabtree is similar to Hakeem Nicks, but he is better. He can break tackles, jump and make great catches. Josh Morgan provides some speed opposite him, and of course the Eagles will have problems covering Vernon Davis. Frank Gore had a big game last week and the Eagles have struggled with running backs like LT (and even last week the rush defense was meh).
The key is, then, to force Alex Smith into turnovers by bringing the heat consistently. Force them into third and long and force errant throws that can be gobbled up by
Asante Samuel and CO.
This is not the Eagles defense of old. Teams are going to move the ball on us, and they are going to score. I think our defense is very similar to the
New Orleans Saints. The Saints give up a lot of points. They have some talented players. But they have no left defensive end opposite Will Smith, and they are weak at one of the safety spots. In addition, outside of Jonathan Vilma, the linebackers have been inconsistent. However, while teams do score on them, the Saints force turnovers at the right time, and the explosive offense takes care of the rest This Eagles defense will have to rely on big plays to help the offense win the game.
The mentality for the Eagles will be the key. Will Desean Jackson take it easy? This week he arrived as a superstar. Is he going to rest on his laurels? Because he can't. He is our best player and we need him to play like he's capable of playing. Will the defense continue to make sloppy plays? Or will the veterans step up and light a fire under the defense's ass. Time will tell. But we cannot afford to become Week 15's version of the Week 14 Arizona Cardinals.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eagles vs. Giants Offense Review

What a game! 850 yards of total offense! This really showed Eagle fans how many weapons we really have. I think our goal to winning a Superbowl is in our sights. Here is a break down of what I took from this game.

Offense- First person I have to start with is D-Jax. He is unbelievable! I can't remember having such a huge offensive weapon since T.O. D-Jax had 6 catches for 178 yards and 1 receiving touchdown and 1 punt return touchdown. D-Jax is so fast he runs a 4.3/40. He is by far the fastest guy on the field every week and one of the fastest players in the league. Next I have to talk about Donovan Mcnabb who also had a huge game with 275 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a spectacular 110 QB rating. For all you Mcnabb haters answer one question. Could Kevin Kolb have sealed the game with a 91 yard drive in the 3rd/4th quarter against a hungry Giants D. I think Not! Let's not forget about our run game which sets up the big plays. Shady Mccoy keeps maturing each and every week and Leonard Weaver is a Beast! Enough said. Brent Celek is definitely earning that money the Eagles front office just threw at him. He has the making of a great tight end and is a huge upgrade from last years starter L.J. Smith. At least the fans who bought L.J.'s jersey can wear it again without being embarrassed, with the addition of Alex Smith who is also # 82. Also don't forget about Mike Vick who is back in football shape and is a huge threat in 3rd and short situations. He has been playing very well and also upping his stock so we can get a good 2nd or 3rd round pick for him this off season. If our offense can consistently keep playing at a high level I see good things in the future. Also kudos to Andy for keeping a balanced offense with close to a even pass/run ratio. This is a quick strike offense and when Westbrook and Curtis come back it is going to be very difficult to defend us.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vick Not the Star Today, It's All About KK

Kevin is the true #2 guy right now, and has started to make a believer out of this naysayer in regards to his future here as a #1.

Sure, Vick played and was okay, yadda yadda yadda. Kolb and Celek were what made the offense go today. Desean made some big plays, Lesean played the workhorse role a bit, but Kolb to Celek was there all day.

After this week, hopefully we don't see much Kolb or too much Vick ater the buy, because this is Donny's team... but at least we know the KK is a legit guy who can come in and play when needed.

Sorry to see Jeff Garcia's last day in an Eagles uniform essentially be a fumbled snap... but there is much more to be happy abotu here than worried about.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot to Trot?

Jeremiah came in for a workout today. Some on the Eagles Boards and other sites are speculating he could be coming in because the team doesn't like Omar at MIKE. Others note that he could be depth in case of further question, especially with Mays not playing due to injury. There is one thing everyone seems to be missing...

Trotter was a ST beast when asked to fill that role. He's a hard hitter and a solid leader who could possibly help a ST unit with little leadership due to the departure of Baskett and Considine, as well as the loss of Gaither/Jordan as both are starting on the Defense.

If this signing occurs, he may see some downs in goal line sets and 4th & 1's, but expect him to be hauling ass downfield to hit people on kicks and punts with Tracy White, because that's where he'd fit most and where he's needed right now.

EDID Won’t Join the Show

All jokes about the Big Kid aside, I had honestly hoped he’d join my RemixThis! Contest on my personal website. While I have received 10+ awesome entries, one is lacking… EDID’s remix.

Shawn answers most of my tweets about food, life, and football… but he ignores my requests to join in the fun of remixing CookBook’s hot track, “Solid Gold”.

While I can forgive him, as he has been all over the place getting his backed check on and whatnot, I was truly hoping that EDID could help Cook get his Michael Phelps on!

Tweet @shawnandrews73 to say hi sometime, he’s definitely a nice dude. But if you mention me, make sure not to be a flaming tool. I honestly wish the guy well, despite being a frustrated fan that wants the mauler on the field.

Fantasy Football: Backup Birds Style

This may just be the week that us Birds fans who picked Shady in the mid-to-late fantasy rounds get to play him. Even if Westbrook starts this week, it’s unlikely they lean on him against the Chiefs. While we cannot afford a loss to this abysmal club, Westy is banged up and is likely to be unneeded. That leaves an opening to be filled by the prolific Pitt back.

So, unless you have can’t miss stud backs (ie. I start Michael Turner AND DeAngelo Williams in 1 of my 3 leagues), give Shady a chance this week. He’s gonna surprise you.

Fantasy Forecast: 80-90 yards rushing, 5 receptions for 45 yards, and a TD.

PS. Yes, that is my adorable 10 month old son, Cash, in the Shady jersey up top. Just call him “Li’l Shady”!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Win #2 Now!

How quickly we have forgotten last season. True the Eagles did get their miracle to get into the playoffs, but don't forget they needed a miracle.

Every game counts. Despite it being only Week 2...every game counts. So I am confused as to why I am hearing fans and media outlets saying that the Eagles are fine if they split the next 2 games before the bye.

Screw that! I want a 3-0 record. I want the Eagles to get themselves an early cushion in the W column. Last time the Eagles started 2-0 they ended up in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, in Miami, is where I want the Eagles again this season.

Of course the team is playing to win this Sunday against the Saints. But we fans also need to expect the Eagles to win. Yes even if Kolb starts at QB expect the win. Just expect that B-West and Shady lead a successful running attack, the defensive game plan will again be A+, and the Special Teams will be able to break a few against a weak Saint's unit.

So enough with down playing the importance of this weekend's game. It counts just as much as a Week 16 or Week 17 match-up. Come Monday this fan wants a 2-0 record.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kolb Just Has to Be Koy Good

Did anyone think that maybe Kolb delivers a Koy Detmer-like performance this Sunday against the Siants? We (myself included) are so quick to assume that Kolb will suck it up this weekend. Garcia will enter the game after halftime and then start Week 3 against Kansas City.
Hey, the feelings of doom and gloom are well earned based on past Kolb performances. But maybe, just maybe, Kolb has some Koy magic in him. Remember that Monday night game in 2002 (November 25). Donovan McNabb had broken his ankle the prior week against the Cardinals. Everyone gave Detmer zero shot to beat the mighty 49ers on Monday Night Football.

Damn, were we so wrong!. In steps Koy to hit on almost 70% of his passes, throw 2 TDs, post a QB rating of 121.8, and most importantly, lead the Eagles to an 18 point lead. A nobody back-up QB was shining on prime time.

Unfortunately for Mr. Neckbeard he would dislocate his elbow in the 3rd quarter, ending his game of glory. But no worries, another nobody back-up QB stepped in, Mrs. Mitts, to lead the Eagles to a playoff berth.

Moral of today's post, don't go writing off Kolb just yet. Even the worst of QBs can step up when finally given a chance. Our hope of the Eagles entering the bye week undefeated is still a possibility, even with Kolb.

But if he does tank, well Kolb is f-ed because even a Koy Detmer could deliver at the QB spot for the Eagles when called upon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Booker Story: One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Garbarge

So I was reading up on the happenings of an NFC East rival and I came across the following bit regarding Lorenzo Booker.

It seems that every Eagles' fan favorite whipping boy was in for a look-see with the G-Men. After watching Booker's tenure in Philly it's not surprising that Booker left without a new deal. The Giants liked Gartrell Johnson better. (So who has the better ex-Charger as their 3rd RB, the Eagles or the Giants?)

So it looks like another day on the unemployment line for Booker. It's a shame he can't play QB, I hear the Eagles are into bringing back their exes. Oh well, maybe Booker can go hang out with Tony Hunt on Sundays.

The Youth Movement

I put myself in the camp of still wanting Jon Runyan back with the Eagles. But if you look back at the film from Sunday's game you gotta see it as a good thing that the Eagles have moved on from Tra and Big Jon.
With Peters and Justice (with some blocking help for Justice) the Eagles got younger, got quicker, and got 2 guys who can get the leverage and pull needed to make a consistent, effective run game.

All this time I have been bitching about Reid not running the ball. But maybe Reid just wasn't able to run the ball effectively with Runyan and Thomas the past few seasons. Sure Reid is a pass first coach, but was his over dependence on the pass a result of playing to the strengths of his 2 starting Tackles?

After the 2 False Start penalties for Peters we got a glimpse of how effective the Eagles run game can be with athletic Tackles (and some other giants along the O-line). The athleticism of Peters allowed him to get down the field as a lead blocker for the RBs. The most effective runs for the Eagles were also off the edges (behind their Tackles).

I am still on board with Runyan coming back. But if he comes back he comes back as a back-up. I am liking the athleticism of the current OL too much to reach back into the past. With McNabb already injured the Eagles need an effective run game. The OL from Sunday is the most effective group for the run game.

And just wait until Herremans comes back!

Saying Hello, Saying Good Riddance

You Bleed the Green so by now you know that the Eagles have placed Shawn Andrews on IR. The Big Disappointment is lost for another season.

Yeah, the kid has talent but the Eagles would be wise to cut their ties with Andrews this off-season. Eat the million dollars and get rid of the constant questions and headaches that always seem to surround Shawn. (Plus Shawn has a great singing career ahead of him so what does he need the Eagles for?!?)

With Shawn on IR, the roster shuffling continues. Out is Andrews, in officially is Jeff Garcia. Oddly, in still are 7 WRs, despite deactivating 2 WRs for the Panthers game. But the roster shuffle looks to continue with reports that the Eagles are attempting to find a trading partner for Hank Baskett. (So much for the fade to Baskett in the back of the endzone!)

So soon Hank will be gone, freeing up another roster spot. My guess is that Runyan will be signed for depth at the RT spot or as insurance if Justice becomes the Justice of old. Or if the Eagles don't sign Big Jon maybe the Eagles use the extra spot to activate Vick prior to week 3.

Activating Vick a week early would allow him to practice with the team while McNabb is nursing his rib injury. Or maybe Garcia is the QB answer while McNabb is out (yes, I have already given up on Kolb), in that case I guess Vick stays inactive since he already knows how to run from the QB spot.

So damn confusing with these Eagles. Oh well, at least they are 1-0!

He Ain't No Freak

Here's a novel thought, let's focus on a player that actually played Sunday (sorry Jeff!). Enough QB talk for the moment.
As a group the Eagles defensive performance on Sunday was DOMINANT so it's difficult to single out 1 particular player. But for the purposes of this post my main man from Sunday was DE/ DT Darren Howard.

Based on last season's stats Sunday's perforance for Howard wasn't too surprising. Howard finished the 2008 season with 10 sacks. So his 2 sack performance Sunday shows that a repeat performance this season is a strong possibility. With possible questions at LB and a rookie starting FS getting pressure from the front 4 is a must for the Eagles this season.

Banking on a season of double digit sacks from Howard used to laughable for Eagles fans. Howard was signed to a big-money contract prior to the 2006 season and then proceeded to tank. In 2006 Howard finished with 5 sacks and in 2007 Howard finished with only one more sack than you or I (one).

As a fan you were thinking the Eagles signed themselves another Kearse to the roster. But then a funny thing happened. The Eagles figured out how to use Howard properly. Put Howard at the DT postion on passing downs. Howard isn't DE quick, but he is DT quick. The result was 10 sacks in 2008 and a DT rotation that could generate pressure on the QB.

With 2 sacks and a FF against the Panthers is it too early to think that the Eagles may have another William Fuller in the nest? A marquee DE signing that could actually deliver a Pro Bowl appearance. If Howard get get himself 10+ sacks this season it may happen.

Monday, September 14, 2009

You Can't Write This Stuff

It's like fantasy land over at the Nova Care Complex. If you would have told me a few months back that the Eagles would have both Michael Vick and Jeff Garcia on their roster I would have thought you to be nuts!

But the Eagles made it all a reality today when they signed Garcia. Kevin Kolb you have officially been warned...step your game up this weekend or your NFL career just might be over. Honestly, if the Eagles were to cut Kolb would any team sign the guy? His stats and game action would make it difficult for Kolb to find employment in the UFL.

And nothing like your your make-it or beat-it game happening at the Linc. I can already hear the "We want Garcia" chants following the first Kolb incomplete pass. Hey if the fans are going to chant for Garcia or Vick when Donovan, a Pro Bowler, struggles, Kolb deserves even worse.

The Garcia signing says to this fan that maybe the McNabb injury is more serious that what is being reported, the Eagles have little or no confidence at this time in Vick or Kolb to successfully QB the team, and that this is going to be one hell of a crazy season regardless of W-Ls. (Or could Garcia be that desperate for a team that he would accept game to game employment).

Donovan supposedly may have endorsed the Vick signing. But after 2006 there is no way he can be supporting the Garcia signing. Just imagine a scenario where Kolb gets cut (it's OK to admit a draft mistake Andy) and the back-ups to McNabb are both Garcia and Vick?!?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Heavenly Performance

This wasn't week 1 in 2008. These weren't the Rams. The Panthers were 12-4 last season. The Panthers were the NFC South division champs. The Panthers have the top 1-2 rushing combo in the NFL. The so-called experts had the Panthers again being one of the NFC's top teams this season.

Questions swirled all around the Eagles Defense this off-season. There was the unexpected departure of fan-favorite and future HOFer Dawkins. Dawkins was then replaced by a rookie S who played CB in college. Then there was the tragic passing of legendary coach Jim Johnson. Lastly, one of the conference's top MLBs, Bradley, was lost for the season in a silly exhibition show.

So based on all of this the Eagles D should of been in big trouble today. Not quite. Not even close. To say the Eagles D dominated the Panthers today would underestimate their performance. McDermott must of been talking to JJ the angel on his headset this afternoon. The gameplan was perfect and then some. I loved the use and Cole and releasing him from the LB position.

Williams and Stewart were held to 72 yards on 25 carries. 5 interceptions were spread across three Panthers QBs. 2 fumbles, 5 sacks, and 1 TD. Makes you wish your fantasy team was starting this D today.

McDermott made his mentor proud today. The Eagles defense showed last season's top 3 ranking was no fluke. The bar is set high for the D. With the McNabb injury and the possibility of Kolb leading this team next week the D is going to need an encore performance against the almighty Drew Brees.

Anyone else hoping that A.J. Feeley is waiting in the Philadelphia airport when the Eagles return home tonight?

Kolb Can't Run an Offense, But The Eagles Can Run

1 sack allowed and 185 rushing yards gained. Not a bad day for the much questioned OL. And with the injury to McNabb will Reid actually lean on the OL and the running game in the upcoming weeks? May we see a return of the 3-headed monster. Weaver, McCoy, and Westbrook tallied 121 yards rushing this afternoon, so hopefully the answer is yes.

And even more reason to hope the Eagles lean on the rushing game next week is the play of Kolb. A completion percentage of 64% (7 of 11) may look good, but #4's play was anything but a confidence builder. Kolb may mentally know the Eagles offense, but executing the plays he cannot. Kolb looked scared, indecisive, and as a result was unable to move the offense.

The sample size for Kolb in the regular season remains small, but this fan has seen enough. Some players peak at the college level. Mention the University of Houston to a knowledgeable football fan and I can guarantee the fan will say...David Kingler, high draft pick, an NFL bust. Andre Ware, high draft pick, an NFL bust. Kevin Kolb, high draft pick, yep, he is looking like a bust too.

Back to Donovan. Despite the cracked rib I think he plays next week. The man can handle the pain. Week 11, 2002 season, McNabb breaks his ankle on the 3rd play of the game yet stays in the game and throws 4 touchdowns.

Also Donovan is a team man. He too has to know that the Eagles are sunk with Kolb as the QB. Hopefully Andy rewards McNabb's super man attitude and gives him a running game to heal on.

Gone Are The Off-Season Muscles

Eagles football is back, well at least for some of us. Huh, what?

Remember when the Eagles failed to resign Dawkins this off-season and fans screamed how they were now done with the Eagles. They were spending their off-season looking for a new football team. No more cheering on the Iggles. Hope that new team is playing at 1pm today or you are a big Phillies fan.

If Dawkins didn't turn off the fan then the signing of Vick did. Again some Eagles fans screamed "No mas." The people were unable to separate the horrific off-the-field acts of Vick with on-the-field football. I hear libraries are again open on Sundays...enjoy the quiet.

But come on it's a football Sunday. Time to put away those off-season muscles. You know you will in front of the TV at 1pm this afternoon. Eagles fans can't just stop being Eagles fans because of some off-season Front Office stupidity.

Save the anger for a worthy cause, like if the Eagles season again ends in disappointment. The off-season muscles will be nice and rested to end the Reid era.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Fan's What To Expect - Eagles v. Pantehrs

Screw the so-called experts and their weekly picks and season predictions.

No one knows for sure what is going to happen this Sunday or the next 16 Sundays. See last years Bengals - Eagles game or the events of Week 17 that allowed the Eagles to sneak into the playoffs last season.

Any given Sunday baby. It's what we love about football. So take it for what it's worth, here is what I see happening tomorrow.

- McNabb and DeSean strike early for a TD of 40+ yards.

- The Panthers run game is successful against the edges of the Eagles defense. D. Williams falls just short of the century mark tomorrow.

- McDermott gets burned on a blitz and Jake goes deep for 6 to Mr. Smith.

- The combination of B-West, McCoy, and Weaver together run for 120 yards on the ground by exploiting the weak middle of the Panthers defensive line.

- B-West rewards those fantasy wizards who used a 1st round draft pick on him with 2 TDs.

- DeSean breaks a punt return, but doesn't fully break it, late in the 4th quarter.

- Akers nails a 40 yarder with less than 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter to put the Eagles up by 3.

- McDermott calls a successful blitz. Gocong forces a Delhomme fumble that Howard recovers.

- Eagles win 24-21.

Fantasy Begins: Sign This Man

The guy on the right, that is. Expect this picture to be a familiar sight this weekend, with a likely 20+ carries to the former Eagles mainstay, Correll Buckhalter. Buck, the Birds' dependable backup for the past few seasons finally gets his chance to shine (even if it is for the possibly dreadful Broncos) and I don't expect him to waste it.

While Westbrook (the Eagles starter) is/was a proven commodity ahead of Buck on the depth chart, Knowshon Moreno is not! A solid week or two as the starter and Knowshon becomes the 3rd down back for this season and the future starter. Sure, Moreno will get touches, but this is Correll's chance to cement himself as the Broncos' starter for this season.

At very least, sign him up as a plug and play for this week. Buck is facing Cincy's defense, which is mediocre at best... and with Moreno hobbled, he is the guy. Hillis may steal a goalline TD, but the rest of will be the Buck show.

Book it! (for my most recent fantasy advice, check out this post on my website).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is LB the New FB?

In 2007 it was the Punt Returner position. The oversight cost the Eagles the opening game against the Packers. The season just never got right after that.
In 2008 it was the Fullback position. Too many games were lost because of the Eagles inability to convert short yardage plays. The Chicago Bears game still haunts this fan.

It's now 2009 and I see the LB position as the new position that will surely screw the Eagles this season. Just look at the depth chart as the Eagles begin the 2009 season.

At MLB Gaither is starting with a gimpy knee. Gaither is starting not because he excelled in the off-season but because Mays didn't excel. Currently backing up Gaither at MLB is Chris Gocong, who has zero experience manning the middle. Joe Mays is out up to 4 weeks so he is zero help for the 1st quarter of the season. And once the pressure was on Mays this off-season he crumbled so I am not too optimistic that he will step up when the games actually count.

The picture is just as bleak when you move outside. Based on his progression last season I am excited about Gocong at the SAM position. Hopefully Chris is put into more situations that allow him to pressure the QB. Behind Gocong is 7th round draft pick Moise Fokou. A rookie means no game experience. Being a 7th round pick screams project to this fan.

Over at the WILL position you have Jordan. No complaints with Jordan as his insertion into the starting line-up coincided with the defense improving last year. Jordan won't lose a game for you, but sometimes you wish there were a few more game changing plays in him. Backing up Jordan is Tracy White. The guy had zero tackles last season and 27 total tackles for his career. This numbers scream for Jordan to stay healthy.

Or maybe I am wrong about the LB position. Maybe Free Safety is the position of doom this season for the Eagles. When a LB gets beat there is still the S to keep the opponent from taking it to the house. When Macho Harris gets beat it's a sure 6 points!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Confidence Builder This Is Not!

I am psyched for the season opener...less than 3 days away. Well I was psyched until I read the following statement from Marty Mornhinweg...

Mornhinweg also acknowledged that he has not gone into a season with as many untested parts as he has this season. The goal for the offense is to “get a little better each game,” he said.

What about the talk about this being the most talented offensive roster since 2004! Not much of a confidence builder...damn you Marty for ruining my Thursday! Oh yeah, the Big Kid was held out of practice today. What happened to "beasting" it up Shawn?!?

Well time for another glass of the green kool-aid. The offense will be fine and Andrews will be a beast again come Sunday!

Gross and Otah Equals Worried

Hell if we fans know the strengths and weaknesses of the Eagles defense there is a pretty good chance that the guys in Carolina earning a paycheck for coaching know them too.

The Eagles need to score quick on Sunday. The Eagles need to build an early lead on the Panthers (Donovan to DeSean...Touchdown!). Doing so means the Panthers will need to abandon the run and instead rely on Delhomme and the passing attack to win the game. I like that game plan better a whole lot better than the one that has Williams and Stewart pounding the ball.

Williams and Stewart are talented, but the key to their success is the massive Tackles that they are running behind. Jordan Gross and Jeff Otah are 2 of the top Tackles in the game (Gross could even be considered the best T in the entire NFL). These 2 giants are sure to wear down the Eagles undersized DEs as the game progresses.

I have no concerns with Patterson and Bunkley stopping runs up the middle. I do have concerns with Cole, Parker, Clemons, and Babin stopping the run on the outside. If the game is close it could be a long day of runs off the edge for the Eagles D. And with questions at LB and S these runs could be big gainers.

Here's hoping Delhomme is airing them out come Sunday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Talking Playoffs in Week 1

Yes Donovan there are such things as ties. And in this case a tie in records is as ugly as a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A win by the Eagles this Sunday means a head-to-head victory over a team that the Eagles will surely be fighting with for a playoff spot. If 1 playoff spot remains for the Eagles and Panthers this season and each team is sporting identical W-L records the Eagles, if victorious this Sunday, get the nod. Case closed, easy to figure out, no confusing tie breakers.

Look I am as confident as the next Eagles fan about the team this year. I see a record of 11-5 or 12-4. I see an NFC East title and automatic playoff birth. But the Giants are a pretty damn good team themselves so a division title isn't guaranteed. The ticket to the playoffs may have to come via the wild card. And when you start talking wild card you start talking about the entire NFC.

This is why games against the Panthers, Falcons, and even the Saints this season are huge. Each team is possibly playoff caliber. Losses to any of these teams could mean no playoff football in Philadelphia.

Last season's entry into the playoffs most likely used up an eternity of luck for the Eagles franchise. The Eagles need to take care of business on the field this season. Beat the Panthers Sunday (despite it only being Week 1) and the road to the playoffs becomes a bit easier. And yes I'm talking playoffs!