Monday, June 30, 2008

DeSean Jackson: Another Freddie Mitcehll?

Does DeSean Jackson's 2008 Rookie Photo Day Video (discovered by Inside the Iggles) bring back bad memories of Freddie Mitchell?

Watching the video one can't help but think how stupid Jackson looks and sounds.

Throughout his interview Jackson is constantly praising his abilities and displaying the "look at me" personality that too often characterized Freddie Mitchell.

When Jackson wasn't spewing compliments over his abilities, he was saying moronic statements like playing cornerback for the Eagles and being a shutdown corner like Deion Sanders.

And Jackson sure won’t win any points with Eagles fans by constantly mentioning his idolization of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin. Memo to Jackson: Philadelphia hates the Cowboys!

In the weeks leading up to the draft Jackson was seen being mentored by the legendary Jerry Rice. I guess Jackson did not learn the all-important lesson of letting your play speak for your greatness.

Hopefully Jackson has gotten this behavior out of his system. Future interviews like this will not be tolerated by Eagles fans or by Andy Reid.

Jackson: Before you start comparing yourself to Panther’s receiver Steve Smith, lets first get yourself on the field and make a few catches. Right now the only player you are being compared to is Freddie Mitchell. And that is not a good thing.


colonel said...

Well, if nothing else, Freddy was entertaining for a little while!

SeifertC said...

Damn, this is making me nervous. At least Freddie had a sense of irony and subtlety.

"I'd like to thank my hands..."


Plus, he gave us 4th and 26th, so he'll always have a piece of our hearts for that.

Desean, you just made the uphill climb steeper when you mentioned the Cowfolk.