Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Donovan McNabb Injured, Kevin Kolb Leads Eagles' First Team Offense

When reality smacks you in the face, it can be scary. The latest news out of Eagles mini-camp is that McNabb is being shut down with slight tendinitis in his throwing shoulder.

At least we now have an answer as to why Kevin Kolb has been leading the first team offense. On a positive note, the reason wasn’t another player being unhappy with their contract situation.

Reports are this latest set back is nothing of concern. McNabb, with rest, should be ready for the start of training camp. McNabb suffered a similar injury in 2004 and the end result was a Super Bowl berth. Maybe it is a sign of good things to come!

But what if this injury is worse than reported or reappears during the season? Andy Reid does have a history of under reporting injuries. Again, the injury should be minor, but what if…

Are we truly ready for Kolb to be the number one quarterback in 2008? There would be confidence with Kolb leading the team in 2009, but 2008, not much confidence. If Kolb did have to step in, would Eagles’ fans finally realize the value and greatness of McNabb?

Criticism of McNabb might make for good radio and newspaper chatter, but the reality is that McNabb is still a top ten quarterback in this league. The reality is that McNabb is the Eagles best quarterback of this era. The reality is that McNabb gives the Eagles their best chance to win and win big in 2008.

It is true that McNabb can rub people the wrong way with his whining. McNabb has also been known to make a bone headed turnover in a crucial situation. But if you had a choice, 10 out of 10 times you would choose McNabb to lead this year’s team over Kolb.

The reviews have been raving for Kolb throughout the off-season. However the off-season is not the regular season. What do we really know of Kolb at this point? His only NFL action was during “garbage” time of the Detroit game.

Yes, Kolb thrived at the University of Houston. Yes, Kolb was a four-year starter in college. The flip side…Andre Ware and David Klingler were also NFL quarterbacks who thrived as Houston Cougars. Remember their NFL careers?

Today’s headline could mean nothing. McNabb could be back leading the first team offense when training camp opens in a little over a month. As an Eagles fan, you need to hope the injury is nothing.
We need to hope McNabb is out there leading the team against the Rams on September 7.

Otherwise our only hope is a long playoff run by the Phillies…

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