Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Eagles Last NFL Championship

Yes Eagles' fans the last time the Eagles were Champions was in 1960. Oh the years we have suffered.

Lisa Hann details the last Eagles championship with interviews from Chuck Weber, Marion Campbell, and Chuck Bednarik.

It’s no longer at the corner of 62 Street and Walnut, but Bill Barnes will never forget Donahue’s.

The former Philadelphia Eagles running back remembers going to the restaurant every Monday before a game with the team. The 1960 Eagles would discuss the game, eat and have fun. “We were very, very close,” Barnes says. “We stuck together on and off the field.”

It was that closeness that helped the Eagles win their first NFL Championship in 1960 at Franklin Field, which is no longer there either.

But Birds fans for years to come can remember that winning season at Franklin. The 1960 Eagles were inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame in April.
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