Monday, June 30, 2008

Is Andy Reid on the Hot Seat?

Sporting News lists Andy Reid as one of ten coaches who are on the hot seat entering the 2008 season.

Has Reid missed his best opportunities to capture a championship?

Based on the Eagles missing the playoffs two of the past three seasons it is difficult to argue against Reid being on the list. Maybe a new voice, a new style is the change that the Eagles need.

If the Eagles again miss the playoffs, could 2008 possibly be Reid's last season with the Eagles? Would Lurie actually end the Reid era?

As stated in the article, it would probably take a dismal year for 2008 to be Reid's last. McNabb would most likely serve as the scapegoat if the team fails in 2008.
Fox Sports thinks we should instead be erecting a statue of Reid outside the Linc.

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colonel said...

Andy would have to physically assault Jeff Laurie and his wife in front of 300 witness, before he would be let go. Even then, who knows, some of the witnesses may not have been reliable. Some may even have been NFL Officials, and you know that they don't always see things right! Andy is going to be around for a long, long time!