Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles Could Lead the Way to Missing Super Bowl Rings

It could be a passing headline but the authorities believe otherwise.

The rumor is that Donovan McNabb is sidelined (during a recent mini-camp) because of shoulder tendinitis. Well it appears that Coach Reid is again misleading the public on the status of McNabb.

Reports are that McNabb’s inactivity is due to his possible involvement in a Massachusetts jewelry heist.

In case you missed the news a $2 million jewelry heist took place in the small town of Attleboro, Massachusetts last weekend. Among the goods stolen in the heist were an undetermined number of New York Giants Super Bowl rings.

McNabb’s clean-cut image and uncheckered past would suggest that the authorities have the wrong man. But when you dig deeper, the facts paint a whole different picture.

When asked last year for his reaction to the Patriots Spygate scandal, McNabb responded angrily “Maybe we’ll get our ring back. Maybe we'll get the real one.” His response shows a man desperate for a championship ring. To what lengths would McNabb go to get that ring…well, we may be finding out.

Was McNabb even near the area during the robbery? Funny thing, he actually was. Footage shows McNabb over the weekend attending a Boston Celtic’s NBA Finals game. Attleboro is less than an hour drive from the Boston area. And since when is McNabb a Boston fan? A shaky alibi at the least.

The most incriminating evidence. Well that would be McNabb’s inability to honestly secure a championship ring. Year after year the opportunity for greatness was there for McNabb to grab.

The Eagles appeared in four straight NFC Championship games from 2001-2004. The Eagles even made it to Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004. Each year the Eagles walked away without the coveted championship ring. Reviewing game tape, McNabb was a main culprit.

Remember 2002 and his drive killing interception to Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde Barber? Remember 2003 when McNabb went down with an injury and Detmer was forced to lead the team against the Panthers? Remember 2004 when McNabb succumbed to the Super Bowl pressure and “lost his lunch”?

McNabb’s on the field performance does not build a strong case if you are trying to prove his innocence. The facts continue to pile up…

On positive note, authorities have ruled out Andy Reid as a possible suspect. The hole cut into the roof, which the thefts used to enter the jewelry store, was described as a small hole.

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