Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles: So Much Hope, So Many Questions

Next stop, Lehigh University and the start of Eagles training camp. The excitement of warm summer days, two-a-day practices, and HITTING. And hopefully no major injuries!

The clock to kick-off stands at 86 days. Expectations are high. Many questions remain.

As an Eagles fan, are you confident with the team as they are currently constructed? Are you still disappointed that a big-play, No. 1 receiver was not brought in? Are you worried that contract situations will create season-long distractions? Is this the year the window of opportunity finally slams shut?

Will McNabb’s shoulder heal in time for camp? Will the injury carry on into the season? Can Kolb step in and lead the offense if McNabb again goes down? Will this be McNabb’s final year donning Eagles green?

Will Westbrook let his unhappiness over his contract affect his play? Will the Eagles reward their star running-back with a new deal? Can we expect a repeat of Westbrook’s 2007 season? Will Booker step in and become Westbrook's clone?

Will it be another year of mediocrity at wide receiver? Will Reggie Brown finally show consistency each week? Will Kevin Curtis build on last year’s success? Will DeSean Jackson get on the field as a rookie?

Will a healthy L.J. Smith cure the red-zone struggles? Will the Eagles go to a lot of two tight-end sets to get Kris Wilson and Brent Celek on the field with L.J.?

Will the offensive line revert back to their dominance of 2006? Can the aging John Runyan and Tra Thomas make it through another season? Will Winston Justice falter again if called upon?

Will Trent Cole dominate again? Will Abiamiri follow Bunkley and step up in year two? Can Clemons reach double-digit sack numbers? Will depth at the tackle position become a problem? Is this the year Patterson makes a push for the Pro Bowl?

Can the trio of young linebackers excel? Will the Eagles wish they had kept Spikes for one more year? Will Gocong be unleashed to rush the quarterback? Will the Eagles show more 3-4 packages?

Will Lito Sheppard show up at training camp? Can three starting-caliber cornerbacks exist with only two starting spots? Will Samuel earn his big-money contract? Will Dawkins stay healthy and play at a “Dawkins" level? Who will be the other starting safety?

Will Jackson be the gamebreaker needed to win the field position battle? Will Akers rediscover his length strength and again become a weapon at 50+ yards? Will Rocca continue his development or his inconsistency?

Training camp will begin to answer all of these questions. Hopefully the answers carry the Eagles back to NFC East dominance and to Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium. If not, we can add another question to the list. Will Andy Reid be back in 2009?

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