Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles: Things Could Actually Be Much Worse

I guess things could always be worse. As an Eagles fan, how often do you get to utter these words?

In reviewing the NFL landscape, an Eagles fan can appreciate the way Lito Sheppard has handled his displeasure over his contract.

True, he was absent from last week’s voluntary mini-camps. On the flip side, he did attend May’s mandatory mini-camp. Throughout the camp he handled the situation like a true professional. He took part in all of the required meetings and practices.

Chad Johnson and Jeremy Shockey have been anything but professionals.

The latest news from Giants camp is that Shockey engaged in a heated shouting match with Giants General manager Jerry Reese. Unhappy with his current role in the offense, Shockey is going to unheard lengths to force a trade.

The heated exchange followed an off-season of trade rumors involving Shockey. Surprisingly, Shockey was present at this week’s mini-camp. Not surprising was Shockey refusing to take the field with his teammates during the camp practices.

Shockey’s situation, combined with Plaxico Burress’s refusal to practice until he receives a new contract, is threatening the Giant’s team first attitude. The team first attitude carried the Giants to a championship. This me first attitude will carry the Giants to the NFC East basement. No complaints from this Eagles fan!

On a side note, each player has Drew Rosenhaus as their agent. In case you forgot, Rosenhaus is also Terrell Owens' agent. Drew and TO destroyed the Eagles 2005 season with similar antics. I guess next we will see Shockey and Burress doing sit-ups on their driveway!

Impossible to miss this off-season has been the ridiculous situation going on between the Cincinnati Bengals and their star wide-out Chad Johnson. Each passing week brought new sound bites of Chad mouthing off about his unhappiness with the Bengals and his threats of a season-long hold out.

When training camp did finally arrive, Chad shied away from his threats and reported to mini-camp. Situation resolved? Hardly. Upon his arrival at camp, Chad played the injury card, claiming both back and ankle injuries.

Chad’s injuries kept him off the practice field. Chad proceeded to use his free time to again politic for a trade. His antics have become increasingly tiresome for his teammates, as Carson Palmer has refused any further comments on the situation.

Despite his immense talent, and the obvious upgrade he would bring to the Eagles receiving corps, the Eagles were smart to let the Chad rumors die out. The Eagles do not need the headache that accompanies the talent.

So smile Eagles fans, things could actually be worse. The Giants and Bengals, both 2008 Eagles opponents, please carry on…

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