Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles: A Pitcher or a Wide Receiver?

We know that the Phillies need pitching help. We know that the Eagles need more help at wide receiver.

Who has the more pressing need?

Looking at the make-up of the teams, it would seem the Phillies are in more dire need.

Despite not having a true number one receiver, the Eagles still have a top flight quarterback (McNabb when healthy) and a dynamic running back (Westbrook).

If the receivers can’t get open, just have McNabb put the ball in Westbrook’s hands for a big play. Westbrook can beat you with his legs and his hands.

If the offense is struggling, the defense can carry the team. Cole, Patterson, Gaither, Sheppard, Samuel, and Dawkins are each leaders and stars at their respective positions. Defense wins championships.

The Eagles have shown in the past they can win without a number one receiver. Remember Pinkston and Thrash used to be the go to guys. And during the Eagles run to the Super Bowl, the playoff games were won with Fred-Ex being the main target.

The Phillies starting rotation has four starters with and ERA over 4, with two of the four carrying an ERA over 5. After Hamels, there are no pitchers that bring consistency from start to start.

The offensive firepower of Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Burrell can carry the Phillies to a division title. But in the playoffs pitching is what gets a team to the next round.

Look at last year’s playoff series loss to the Rockies. The offense was non-existent and the Phillies were swept in three games. The Phillies pitching could not carry the team.

A more recent example is the back to back series losses to the Red Sox and Angels. The opposition boasted star pitching, the Phillies offense slumped, and the Phillies pitching could not counter.

The Phillies need another top line pitcher to make an extended playoff run this year. Their need is greater than the Eagles.

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