Friday, June 20, 2008

Sean Considine: The Next Mahe or Detmer?

2008 looks like the year that Reno Mahe is finally gone (PLEASE DeSean Jackson catch the punts!).
Prior to Mahe's departure, the Eagles were able to say goodbye to holding specialist Koy Detmer.

Please let Considine be the next Eagle to depart.

One of the few training camp battles will be at the safety position. There are currently 6 safeties on the Eagles roster. Dawkins, Demps, and Mikell should be locks to secure roster spots.

If the Eagles carry 4 safeties, can Considine beat out J.R. Reed and Marcus Paschal? Yes to Paschal and hopefully NO to Reed.

Reed showed consistency, hard hits, and decent coverage ability during his 3 starts last year. Before his shoulder injury Considine showed poor tackling and a knack for blowing coverages.

In eight starts Considine posted 36 tackles and 1 interception. In 3 starts Reed posted 31 tackles and 1 forced fumble.

Considine does bring experience, but with Dawkins back how much does that matter? Reed brings versatility with his ability to return kick offs.
How effective can a safety be retuning from a serious should injury? Lets hope we don't get to find out.

Andy, make it 3 goodbyes and get rid of Considine.

Maybe the Vikings would be interested in another Eagles castoff!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I grew up watching Wes Hopkins, Andre Waters, Greg Jackson, Mike Zordich, Brian Dawkins and Michael Lewis. Sean Considine is an insult to that legacy. He provides no particular skill set. Ask yourself... What part of his game is his strength? Now you know why I feel this way. Lets get the Mark Simenaou of the secondary outta here