Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spygate: Arlen Specter Too Busy, the Dream is Over

Well Eagles' fans, the dream has ended. The clock reads zeros. The Eagles will not win Super Bowl XXXIX.

Today’s sports news brings us the headline that Arlen Specter is ending his pursuit of a Spygate probe. Supposedly, there are more important matters for a United States Senator.

Philadelphians were hoping Specter could lead us where McNabb and Reid had failed. Again, disappoint reigns supreme in the city.

The Patriots have moved on. The NFL has moved on. And now Specter has moved on. The hope of a George Mitchell-like independent investigation will not take place. Specter is simply too busy.

The evidence brought forth shows that the Patriots did not have secret tapes of the Eagles' plays or practices. The defeat falls squarely on the poor clock management of Andy Reid and the ineffectiveness of Donovan McNabb.

The one-man dream team has taken the city as far as he can. The ending is all too familiar for a Philadelphia sports fan. We always seem to come up just short.

I guess the 100 seasons without a championship is now official.

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