Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time for the Eagles to Show Them The Money!

During the off-season we have heard about the unhappiness of Lito Sheppard and Brian Westbrook with their current contracts.

Westbrook is the Eagles' most valuable player, their top offensive star, one of the best all around backs in the league.

Sheppard, when healthy, is one of the few Pro Bowlers on the Eagles defense. Sheppard is a shut-down corner, with a knack for interceptions and the big play.

The more valuable you are, the higher your salary, right? Not with the Eagles. For the 2008 season Westbrook will be the Eagles 5th highest paid player and Sheppard the 10th.

Westbrook makes only $184,720 more than LJ Smith, while Sheppard makes $5,688,280 less than Samuel. It is easy to understand their contract gripes.

The Eagles, with plenty of money under the cap, should reward their stars.

2008 Salary (
1 - Donovan McNabb: $9,401,958
2 - Asante Samuel: 9,145,000
3 - Tra Thomas: 5,852,858
4 - Shawn Andrews: 5,121,250
5 - Brian Westbrook: 4,706,720
6 - John Runyan: 4,556,720
7 - LJ Smith: 4,522,000
8 - Brodrick Bunkley: 4,014,720
9 - Kevin Curtis: 3,833,333
10 - Lito Sheppard: 3,456,720


glenn warciski said...

I have added you to my blog list.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like Westbrook is unhappy every year with his contract. Why don't they just pay him a shitload of money already. He's only been one of the best all-around backs in the game the last five years. And he blocks!