Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And The Winner Is...Lorenzo Booker

"He's got really good speed up the field," Rory Segrest said. "He can see the creases there. Same thing from a running back position - he knows how to read the scheme, he knows where to be and he's got the ability to get there."

Looks like Lorenzo Booker is our man at kick returner. Hopefully the elusiveness he showed yesterday in breaking the 60 yard TD carries over the special teams unit. It will be nice to have a returner that doesn't run straight into contact and then fall down (a la Correll Buckhalter).

While the offensive and defensive units usually garner most of the fan's attention we can't forget the value that a dominant special teams unit can have on the Eagles success. Remember how dominant the special team units were during the Eagles run to four consecutive NFC Championship games.

The Eagles special teams unit was definitely overlooked last year by the coaches. A little too much faith was put into pretty boy Jeremy Bloom. And we all saw the result of that failed plan, a loss to the Packers and the return of Reno "Fair Catch" Mahe.

Good field position is going to play a key role in helping both the offense and defense this year. McNabb and Westbrook are going to love Booker and Jackson!

Now let's hope that the coverage units will also show improvement. No matter how good we think Booker and Jackson are, they aren't going anyway without some holes!

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