Sunday, July 20, 2008

Andy Reid Addresses The Media: July 21, 2008

Training Camp begins tomorrow for the Eagles…FINALLY! With the sweltering heat, pads, and hitting comes another year of Andy Reid press conferences.

Unconfirmed reports have tomorrow’s press conference transcript as the following:

Media: Andy, are you worried about the Sheppard contract situation?
Reid: [Clear Throat] [Clear Throat] No Comment [Clear Throat]

Media: Andy, are you worried about the Westbrook contract situation?
Reid: No [Clear Throat] [Clear Throat] Comment

Media: Is there any concern over the health of McNabb’s shoulder?
Reid: Next Question [Cough, Clear Throat, Clear Throat, Cough]

Media: Andy, how are you going to improve on last season’s .500 record?
Reid: It’s my responsibility; [Mumbling] I’ve got to do a better job [Cough, Clear Throat, Clear Throat, Clear Throat, Clear Throat]

Media: Andy, how are you going to do a better job?
Reid: [Mumbling] I’m not going to get into all that. [Clear Throat]

Media: Who needs to step up to improve the red zone woes?
Reid: I don’t know that. Starting with me all the way down.

Media: Andy, I didn’t understand your last response.
Reid: [Clear Throat] [Clear Throat] [Cough]

Media: Andy? Your last response?
Reid: Next Question. No comment. I don’t know that.

Still Confused, unsure about the Westbrook and Sheppard situations? Looks like Andy Reid is already in mid-season pres conference form. Year number ten here we come...

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