Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Day, Another Trade...Shockey To The Saints

So much for a quiet start to the beginning of Training Camps. The NFC East moves continued today. Yesterday it was Taylor to the Redskins. Today it is Jeremy Shockey traded from the Giants to the Siants.

The reports have Shockey being traded to the Saints for second and fifth round draft picks in 2009.

As far as impacting the Eagles, I think the trade makes the Saints a top contender in the NFC. Their offense, already dominant, will be greatly improved with the addition of Shockey. Just one more quality target for Drew Brees. Prior off-season additions have already addressed the Saints' defensive weaknesses.

The Giants managed last season's playoff run without Shockey, showing they can survive and excel without Shockey in the line-up. Though it does put extra pressure on Kevin Boss to continue his maturation into a top tier tight end.

Maybe Sheppard is next in the series of stars being traded for picks.

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