Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barry Bonds: So Wrong, But So Right

Yes the biggest need for the Phillies is a pitcher. But an extra bat wouldn't hurt. Just ask Charlie Manuel.

“Yeah, I think we could use a bat. We could use a good bat. You've got to remember, good bats are competition. That can't do anything but make you better."

Here is a name for you Philadelphia. How about Barry Lamar Bonds? Yes it is a crazy idea and likely would never happen…but the idea is right on so many levels.

  • The Phillies wouldn’t have to give up anything to get him. No prospects, nothing at all. The prospects could still be used to get the pitching help the Phillies need.
  • The Phillies are always looking for a bargain. Reports have Bonds willing to play for the league minimum.
  • Since June 8th, as a team the Phillies have hit just .238 and averaged just 4.35 runs per game. Last year, on a down year, Bonds still hit .276 and 28 home runs, while carrying a .565 slugging percentage.
  • Bond would be an improvement over the current platoon in the outfield. Last we checked, Jenkins was batting only .241 and Taguchi only .200.
  • Bonds, at his age and with his knees, would be a liability as a fielder. But can he really be much worse in the field that Burrell? And his bat would more than make up for his poor fielding a few games a week.
  • As Manuel said, competition is a good thing and Bonds would certainly bring that.

Again, the odds of the Phillies making a move for Bonds are slim and none. Bonds is too much of a circus act with his attitude and baggage.

But as a fan isn’t having you team win the ultimate goal? Isn’t that why we go to the park? Bonds would definitely help in the win column. Let Gillick and Montgomery worry about the publicity…they owe us fans anyway!

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