Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bravo to Manuel and Gillick

Yes this is an Eagles blog, but the demotion of Brett Myers to Triple A must be commended.

Standing ovation to both Charlie Manuel and Pat Gillick.

The demotion of Myers could not have been an easy decision. Demoting Myers makes the Phillies original dependence on Myers being a top of the rotation starter look utterly foolish.

Instead of continuing to throw Myers out on the mound every fifth day, hoping that the next start would be the start that turned things around, Manuel and Gillick stepped up to the plate and delivered.

The Phillies did not take the easy road and move Myers to the bullpen. Maybe spot duty in the pen could solve Myers issues and rebuild his confidence. The bullpen was not the answer, and the Phillies knew it.

One of Myers main struggles is his need to build arm strength. This could not be accomplished through an inning or two of relief. It can be accomplished by starting in the minors.

Pitching in the minors should also allow Myers to dominate the hitters. Making productive starts would remedy the mental aspect of Myers’ struggles.

But what happens if Myers isn’t dominant in the minors? What happens if Myers’ struggles continue? How could they ever bring Myers back to the majors and expect him to be OK?

These questions make the demotion of Myers a HUGE risk. The Phillies are taking a big chance here. There is where Manuel and Gillick deserve their props. It is a decision that most teams would not make.

The Phillies number two starter could be lost for good. A lost season would soon follow.

Looking at the performances of Myers to date shows that the Phillies were left with no other options. Here’s hoping that Manual and Gillick are rewarded for their risk.

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