Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brett Favre: Sick and Tired of the Guy

As an Eagles fan the whole Brett Favre saga is nauseating. Just imagine if you were a Packers fan. Adam Lindemer is and he is just as sick....

Let me start off by saying that I am a die-hard Packers fan; I was born with a cheesehead on. I'm just sick of hearing about how Brett Favre wants to come back and with which team.

If it's not rumors, it's texts messages or submitted letters. I can't take it anymore. Brett, you retired, DEAL WITH IT!

If you still weren't sure, don't deliver a tearful retirement speech in which all of Wisconsin and most of the football world cried with you. The only person tarnishing your legacy is you.

Yes, you still have the ability to play at age 38, but why come back and risk injury for another year? Didn't anyone tell you that once you retire, it should be for good, not four months.

I know I'm going to take some heat for this, but the Packers don't need Brett Favre anymore. He put in his 17 years and did all he could for the team and the sport, including winning three MVPs and leading the Pack to a Super Bowl victory.

You hold most of the records involving the quarterback position (good, bad, and some you don't even want to be associated with). What's left to do, honestly?

Please, stay retired and let Aaron Rodgers be the new man in charge. It was something he was promised when the Packers drafted him in the first round back in 2005. Rodgers didn't know how long he had to wait, and just when he thought the wait was over, Favre apparently isn't ready to hand over the reigns.

Rodgers sat in 2005 and watched Favre lead the team to a dismal 4-12 record, to which many analysts pushed for Favre to retire. Favre contemplated the decision and put fans through hell, but he decided to return.

Rodgers sat on the bench again in 2006, and watched Favre lead the Pack to an 8-8 season, narrowly missing the playoffs. Analysts chimed in again, but this time thought that Favre should return for yet another year to get the team to the next step. Favre put Packer fans through hell (again), but decided to return (again)!

Next year rolled around, and Rodgers saw himself again riding the pine-pony, holding the almighty clipboard. This time, he had a front row seat to one of the greatest seasons ever put up by No. 4.

Rodgers had his shining moment in 2007 the week after Thanksgiving in Dallas. Favre got hurt (and actually came out of a game), and Rodgers came into the game. He played a nearly flawless game and gave Green Bay several opportunities to win it, but he eventually lost.

The Packers got themselves all the way to the NFC Championship game, no doubt because of Favre. They flexed their muscles in the sub-zero temperatures of the Frozen Tundra, and lost on a play which can only be described as one of those "Brett Favre risky throws."

The "R" word came up again, and Favre still showed no signs of quitting, until he uttered those words in his March 6 press conference.

"The game has taken so much out of me that I have nothing left to give...I live for Sunday, but I don't fell like working Monday-Saturday...anything less than a Super Bowl victory would be a failure, and the odds of that happening are against us every year."

What Brett needs to do is go back and watch that press conference again and actually listen to the words he said. Then the decision becomes simple...go back to Mississippi, ride your tractor, and hide in NFL-obscurity for awhile. At least until the NFL calls to offer you a bronze bust and a puke-yellow sports coat.

Oops, too late for that. Apparently, you have the 'itch' to play again, and if the Packers won't scratch it, you want to be released and have someone else scratch it.

Problem—the Packers hold all the cards. You can ask for a release, but you won't get it, because Green Bay executives won't let you ruin your good name (at least what's left of it).

Of course the "itch" is there. For the past 17 years, all you've done in July is train for the upcoming season. So naturally, when that first year rolls around after you retire, you'll want to play again. Your body and mind don't know what to do in July now. Go to camp, but observe, give your two cents, just let A-Rod take all the snaps.

As sick as I am about this whole situation, I feel that Favre will not be making a comeback with the Packers or anybody else for that matter. The "itch" will go away, and his life will go on and possibly return to normal.

I'm ready for the Aaron Rodgers era to begin in Green Bay, and I'm sure he is too. After three years of waiting, he is set to prove that he can actually lead an NFL team. So, what about Brett Favre?

Favre who?

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