Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brian Dawkins - Only Number Five?

USA Today continued their columns of comparing todays' best versus the best of the Super Bowl Era and Brian Dawkins was ranked #5 in today's ranking of safeties.

The ranking seems a bit low for Dawkins' many accomplishments as an Eagle. Ranking above Dawkins on the list are:
1 - Ed Reed
2 - Bob Sanders
3 - Troy Polamalu
4 - Darren Sharper

One can understand Reed being ranked higher, as Reed has achieved individual and team success. But Sanders and Polamalu have not yet built the career resume that accompanies Dawkins.
Though the stats for Sharper are outstanding, the individual honors (Pro Bowl, All-Pro appearances) favor Dawkins. Also Sharper's defensive units have not achieved to the level that Dawkins has carried the Eagles to. Here's to Dawkins proving them wrong in 2008.

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