Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brian Westbrook - At The Top, Right Where He Belongs

The Sporting News continued with their position rankings and have ranked Brian Westbrook as the second best running back in the NFL.

The only back ahead of Westbrook is the Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson. It is difficult to argue with LT getting the top billing. But another season like 2007 and Westbrook should challenge for the top spot next year.

The blurb in the article on Westbrook is: Although undersized, Westbrook proved his durability in '07 and literally carried the Eagles offense, especially after Donovan McNabb's latest injury. Just like L.T., he's a dangerous runner and receiver who can line up anywhere on the field.

Few backs pose the double threat that Westbrook brings to the Eagles. Without a top flight WR in 2008, Westbrook will again be the Eagles main offensive weapon. The Eagles will always have a chance to when the ball is in Westbrook's hands. The smallest opening and he is off!

Now if only the Eagles realized how special a talent Westbrook is and rewarded his play with a new contract!

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