Monday, July 21, 2008

Byran Smith Already IR Candidate

By Justin Harlan - One day into camp, the smell of IR is already in the air. Bryan Smith, 3rd round speed rushing DE, is already undergoing an MRI for a hamstring injury. With a crowded lot of DEs, including Cole, Clemons, Parker, and Abiamiri as locks, this opens up the competition for Howard, McDougle, and whoever else wants to rumble.

Howard should be on this team. In fact, my guess would be that Howard is on the team, even if Bryan Smith is okay. His speed from the DT spot is something JJ likes to use and his production on the goalline last season was superb. Despite being overpaid and considered by many a bust, nothing can really be gained by cutting him.

McDougle's shot at making the team is a long one. The team has been seeking to cut his salary as what seems like a last ditch effort to keep him around or trade him. Overall, a cut seems more likely for McBust's future.

Keeping an eye on the DEs should be interesting, especially in light of comments made today by Anthony Gargano (WIP) and others that the Eagles were seriously in the hunt for Jason Taylor before he landed with the Skins yesterday.

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