Friday, July 18, 2008

Cornerbacks According To Trent Cole

Sometimes you just wonder want goes through the head of Andy Reid.

Trent Cole called into the local 950 ESPN radio station this afternoon and voiced concern over there being enough room for three stud cornerbacks on the Eagles roster. Cole's opinion was that it would most likely not work out. There is room for two, but not three. A similar opinion was also voiced by Brian Dawkins earlier in the off-season.

If the other players can see that there is going to be a chemistry issue in the locker room with keeping Lito Sheppard, why can't Andy Reid?

NFL players have huge egos. Such egos are needed to thrive in the NFL. Sheppard is a two time pro bowler in his prime, do you really think Sheppard's ego can take not being a starter?

Were the trade offers around draft time that poor that Reid is willing to threaten team chemistry in the locker room?

Maybe if enough players continue to voice Trent's opinion maybe Reid will rethink the possibility of keeping Lito. Drew Rosenhaus does have clients all throughout the NFL, maybe he can open up trade opportunities not present before.

Keeping Sheppard makes the Eagles defense dominating. But does Sheppard's value out weigh the benefits of maintaining strong team chemistry? [Full Trent Cole Interview]

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