Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cowboys Favorites for the Super Bowl - Fine With Me

December 28, 1996.
What is the significance of this date? On that day the Dallas Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings, 40-15, in the wild-card round of the playoffs. Since then, ZERO playoff wins. Not a one!

Looks like the Cowboys of recent years have a difficult time handling the pressure of the big game. So I am thrilled to read prediction after prediction that has the Cowboys as the NFC's top team in 2008. If you listen to the experts a trip to the Super Bowl is all but guaranteed for the Cowboys. Keep it coming.

All the pressure is on the Cowboys this year to meet the expectations cast upon them and to rebound from last year's disappointing playoff loss to the Giants after a 13-3 regular season.

The pressure will be on them each and every game of the regular season to duplicate last year's success. The pressure will only intensify when the playoffs roll around.

Who better to lead the Cowboys than a coach and quarterback who have each failed to win a single playoff game. Wade Phillips carries an 0-4 record, while Romo sports an 0-2 record. Nothing clutch with these guys.

So despite the Cowboys roster bursting with talent there is no worry from this Eagles fan.

December 28, 2008. Cowboys versus the Eagles. Let's hope that the division title is on the line, maybe even a playoff berth. A big game can only mean a small performance from the Cowboys, Romo, and Phillips.

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And Donovan is not going to eat anything the day of the game!