Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dawkins - Excited and Jacked Up!

Thank you Brian Dawkins!

In a week where the media focus has been on contracts, missing players, and injuries it was nice to hear talk about actual football.

Following yesterday's practice Dawkins addressed the media and as he always does he gets you jacked up for the upcoming season! How could a fan not be excited with quotes like the below on his health, the team, and the upcoming season:
  • "I'm very excited. I'm really jacked up!"
  • "I'm so excited to be back on the field. Most excited I've been going into a season."
  • "It's like night and day between this year and last year."
  • "People saying that I can't do it no me motivation!"
  • "I'm a 10 now, a 5 last year."

Dawkins also touched on the high potential and speed of the LBs, how great McNabb looked scrambling, and how the team excels as an underdog. Dawkins even managed to bring the names of Pinkston and Thrash into the conversation. The Eagles might not have a number 1 receiver, but at least we don't have those two clowns any more!

The past week has been a bit of a downer for Eagles fans. Despite all of our optimism this off-season, it was tough not to get worried over the Westbrook, Sheppard, and Andrews situations. But after a few minutes of listening to Dawkins that buzz is back. All I can think about now is flying tackles, all out blitzes, Dawkins punching the ball to force a fumble, and the big play!

We are going to be OK, Dawkins is back! There is no one I would rather have leading us back to the top!

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