Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McNabb is Back...and Sharp!

Day 1 of training camp practices are underway and the reports have McNabb fully healthy and looking sharp in the morning practice. McNabb had zip and accuracy to his throws.

So the first off-season question has been answered with McNabb showing no lingering effects from the shoulder tendinitis. The city's prayers now turn to a full season of health for #5.

And I find it funny that every off-season there continues to be questions and criticism of McNabb. Will McNabb be back for another season? Is McNabb the best QB on the Eagles roster to lead the team into the playoffs?

As preparations for the 2008 season are now underway the answers are again yes. McNabb is back and he is the best and only option at quarterback for the Eagles. The Eagles will only fly this year with a healthy McNabb.

The doubts around McNabb come from the same idiots that thought Feeley was the answer last year. Before we knew it Feeley had tossed 8 interceptions in less than 3 games! And Kolb has no real game experience and when is the last time a quarterback from Houston starred in the NFL? Remember David Klingler and Andre Ware?

Unfortunately once the clock reads zeros on the 2008 season, we will be right back to questioning McNabb's place on the team.

Come on, does anyone honestly think that Kolb is the answer? If the Eagles are to sustain success McNabb is the answer for the foreseeable future.

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