Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is DeSean Jackson Another Donte Stallworth?

Does DeSean Jackson bring back memories of an Eagles’ receiver from a few years back?

No not T.O., but Donte Stallworth.

Stallworth and Jackson are both considered undersized for the wide receiver position. Stallworth at 6ft, 200 pounds. Jackson at 5’11" and 172 pounds. Give Jackson a few years in the weight room and 200 pounds is not out of the question for him as well.

The greatest strength of Stallworth and Jackson is their speed and their ability to break the big play.

In 2006, his only year with the Eagles, Stallworth had 725 receiving yards. Not all that impressive until you notice it was done on just 38 receptions. An average of almost 20 yards per catch. Stallworth had 4 catches of 40 or more yards and 5 touchdowns in twelve games. The numbers show his knack for the big play.

Is it unrealistic to think that Jackson can’t put up similar numbers with the Eagles in 2008? Yes rookie wide receivers have difficulty getting on the field in year one with the Eagles. But in sixteen games 38 receptions should be a gimme. Heck, even Freddie Mitchell managed 22 catches his rookie year.

With his speed and elusiveness the big play should also follow Jackson. Jackson would again provide McNabb with the deep threat that has been missing since Stallworth’s departure.

Let’s just hope that Jackson has better luck staying on the field than Stallworth. Stallworth was always battling hamstring injuries while with the Eagles. Guess what kept Jackson sidelined during the last mini-camp…a hamstring injury…told you the two were similar!

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