Thursday, July 24, 2008

DeSean Jackson - The Main Attraction

Could training camp once again have a T.O. atmosphere? Will all eyes be fixated on the moves, the everything of one player? Does someone on the Eagles have such moxy?

Reports have that one person as rookie DeSean Jackson. Despite being only a few days into training camp practices, Jackson is already winning some praise from McNabb and the coaches on his performance.

From interviews one can see that Jackson is overflowing with confidence in his abilities. His career at Cal backs up the words. Jackson is elusive, dynamic, a game breaking playmaker. Like Westbrook, the slightest opening and he is gone...6 points!

His style will instantly make him a crowd favorite. Eyes will be fixated on him during special team drills, as he runs his WR routes, as he goes for the deep ball with his blazing speed. Cheers will be following his every action. Fans have been yearning for such an attraction since the departure of T.O.

Yes, there will be struggles for Jackson to master the play book and getting time as a rookie on the field. Rookie WRs typically don't see the field much for the Eagles.

But if Jackson can continue his strong performance through the remainder of camp, just maybe he can break past history and get playing time. Heck if Reggie Brown can get 43 receptions (Eagles rookie record), what could someone with Jackson's talent accomplish.

Regardless of what the regular season brings, it will be nice to have "that guy" back at training camp. The one you can oh and ah over...the one you are raving about on your ride back home from Lehigh!

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