Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Forget About Watters...

With all eyes being on Westbrook today (will he show, will he no show?) I got to thinking, who are the greatest Eagles running backs over the past thirty years? The first names to come to mind are Wilbert Montgomery and Brian Westbrook. Both players would be hard to argue against.

Montgomery and Westbrook each have the individual statistics to support their ranking, while also leading their respective teams to berths in the Super Bowl.

One additional running back that deserves mention in the conversation is Ricky Watters. Remember, the “For Who, For What” guy? Though he donned Eagles green for only 3 seasons, he left his mark in the Eagles record books.

Watters put up some of the best statistical seasons ever for an Eagles running back. His worst statistical season as an Eagle (1997) still resulted in 1110 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns.

A quick look at the Eagles record book shows that Watters posted three of the top ten rushing seasons (yardage) in Eagles history. His most productive season was in 1996 when he totaled 1411 rushing yards, second best all time by an Eagles running back.

In addition to racking up the yardage, Watters also had a knack for finding the end zone. In 1996 Watters scored 13 touchdowns and in 1995 he scored 11 touchdowns. His 13 touchdowns in 1996 rank second all time for rushing touchdowns by an Eagles running back.

Watters was also a viable receiving threat out of the backfield. In 1995 he had 62 receptions, followed by 51 receptions in 1996. His 1996 receiving numbers helped carry Watters to 1855 total yards, fifth best in Eagles history.

Watters’ statistics lead to Pro Bowl berths in both 1995 and 1996. Watters also helped carry the Eagles to the playoffs in both of these seasons. During the Eagles wild card victory over the Lions in 1995 Watters scored two touchdowns.

With only three years in an Eagles uniform it is difficult to argue Watters being the greatest Eagles running back of all time. However his numbers deserve at least mentioning him in the discussion.

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Gary Knight said...

It's funny, the post-Cunningham, pre-McNabb days are just a blur to me. All I see is Bobby Hoying and a botched kick against Dallas on Monday night.