Sunday, July 13, 2008

Elton Brand Was Nice, Now Time To Get Greedy

Joe Dumars: "Everybody’s in play. There are no sacred cows here.”

If Dumar's statement is true, here is an about bringing Chauncey Billups to Philadelphia?

After the Elton Brand signing the Sixers next need is a shooter. The Sixers finished last season 30th in the NBA in three point shooting.

How is Billups to the Sixers possible? Simple, you trade the Pistons Andre Miller and an extra piece like Jason Smith. The salaries would match up in such a trade. And as valuable as Miller has been to the Sixers he has been non-committal in playing for the Sixers beyond next year.

Would such a trade be attractive for the Pistons? Yes. Trading Billups would allow them to get Rodney Stuckey on the floor quicker. Billups is currently under contract through the 2010/2011 season (plus a team option the following year).

After a strong showing in the playoffs the Pistons realize they have a budding star in Stuckey. Miller could provide one more year of veteran mentorship to Stuckey before the Pistons hand the reigns to Stuckey on a full-time basis. Plus the Pistons free themselves of Billups hefty contract.
Bringing Billups to the Sixers solves their shooting needs (Billups shot over 40% from 3pt range last year), gives them a clutch playoff performer, and allows them to immediately challenge the Celtics next year.

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