Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enough of Reggie Bush, Give Me More Westbrook!

So I am sitting there watching Sports Center and what is the first commercial I see? Yet another commercial with Reggie Bush (an Adidas ad).

What has the man done to deserve all of this hype? Bush has less than 1,200 yards rushing in two years! His play is making the Texans look brilliant for selecting Mario Williams with the number one pick.

As Bush continues to lock up the endorsement deals, I have to ask, where is the national coverage for Brian Westbrook?

Outside of LT in San Diego, there is not a more complete running back in the NFL. In addition to the individual success, Westbrook has also been a big part of the Eagles’ team success.

Besides missing out of the endorsement deals, his salary is an embarrassment to his talent. In 2008 Westbrook will be the 13th highest paid running back in the NFL. DeShaun Foster, Thomas Jones, and Ahman Green are making more money than Westbrook.

And then there was the whole debacle last year with the Eagles withholding his paychecks for reimbursement of a signing bonus error. What his 2007 performance wasn’t worthy of a second bonus!

Enough of Reggie Bush already. It is time to spotlight a star that delivers on the field. Brian, time to find an agent who can get you paid!

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