Friday, July 25, 2008

Everyone Is Out of Their Damn Minds!

"I feel like I'm a Pro Bowl-caliber player, so why wouldn't I be starting?"

Guess it is safe to say that Sheppard is still unhappy with his status with the Eagles. also reports that Sheppard still thinks he will be traded this off-season.

So my question is who is crazier the Eagles or Sheppard?

The Eagles for continuing to think this Sheppard situation will have a positive ending. They can say that they will be playing 3 cornerback sets 60 or 70 percent of the time until they are blue in the face. No matter what number they throw out there they aren't fooling Sheppard. He is not a starter.

Or is Sheppard nutty for continuing to think that he is going to force a trade this off-season? Give Sheppard some credit for finally realizing that the Eagles are not going to renegotiate his current deal. But if the Eagles didn't trade you at draft time they certainly aren't going to do it now. I am also guessing that hiring Drew Rosenhaus didn't win him any points with the Banner crew.

What is the next step? I guess we pray for an injury to another teams' top cornerback and the Eagles outrageous trade demands for Sheppard are finally met (a first round pick?). How fun will it be to watch the Eagles trade out of the first round three times next year!

But seriously can't both sides just get along. The Eagles need Sheppard to be successful this year. Sheppard needs the Eagles to show future employers that he can stay healthy and is still an elite cornerback.

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