Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fans Want Championships, Owners Want Playoffs

I am not a general manager. I am not a sports franchise owner. I don’t claim to know all of the complexities of making a trade or managing a salary cap. I write for Bleed Eagles Green.

What I do have is an opinion. What I do know is that the fans of Philadelphia are starving for a championship. What I do know is that the owners and GMs of the Phillies and Eagles do not give us fans the opportunity to bring home that championship.

Today’s passing of the MLB trade deadline and the Phillies not making a move is yet another example of the local team not taking the next step. If the pieces fall right the Eagles and Phillies are at best playoff caliber teams. They are NOT championship caliber. Even the biggest die-hard fan cannot honestly argue this fact.

The Eagles and Phillies are fooling no one when the say that their teams, constructed as is, are championship caliber.

The Phillies are fooling no one when they pin their hopes on Joe Blanton and Brett Myers being the answer to their pitching struggles. The Eagles are fooling no one when they say they are happy with Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown as the teams’ top receiving threats.

And don’t give us fans the statement that you made your best effort in the trade market. The Phillies should have made an offer that the Blue Jays, A’s, or Indians could not refuse for Halladay, Harden, or Sabathia. A trade should have been made weeks ago for one of these players. Today’s trading deadline should have been irrelevant for the Phillies. If you aren’t going to get one of these top pitchers, don’t try and appease us by trading for a bottom of the rotation guy like Blanton.

By not making the push for that missing piece, the Phillies are wasting one of the greatest nucleuses in their team history. The Phillies everyday line-up boasts a former MVP, the current MVP, and a possible third MVP in Chase Utely. Why not go all in? If it doesn’t work out at least there are no what-ifs. And if it blows-up and we are set back a few years so what. It’s not like the city isn’t used to the Phillies losing. The Phillies have lost over 10,000 games!

At least the Eagles can be commended for making big free agent signings. The effort is there, but we need more. We still need more playmakers on offense. Package Sheppard with a number one pick a get a top-flight wide receiver. If the other team doesn’t need a cornerback give them two number one picks (hell the Eagles never use them anyway!). I know that two number ones is unrealistic but the idea is to go all in for the missing pieces this year. Why not take one last shot before the championship window slams shut? McNabb and Dawkins won’t be around forever. Go for it now before we are rebuilding with Kolb.

The city has heard comments like mine over and over again. I will save you from any further rants. Time to focus on the positives. Looks like Ed Stefanski and Paul Holmgren have a clue.


colonel said...

Well, there's always the Soul! And, I bet playoffs bring in as much money as championships without having to put out as much money while still being consistently in play!

Anonymous said...

The Eagles are Championship caliber. The argument that they aren't is weak. The Giants won last year, proving that you don't have to be a team that has Pro-Bowlers all around. Dallas led in Pro-Bowl players and votes and look where that got them.

Chris, I enjoy your site and intend to contribute more and more, but you are SUCH a Negadelphian. Please stop listening to Angelo!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

not negative, more of a realist. hey, if i am wrong i will be the first one down at the parade! the 2007 giants were such an abnormality...usually one of the top teams is the team to win it all. i just don't think that the Eagles are in the class of the AFC teams. what is reid's record against the AFC? that 2004 feeling (when we had TO) where the team and Eagle fans thought we could beat ANYONE just isn't there with this team.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sending you my POV on this to post. I think that the Eagles have what it takes, which starts with DEFENSE and I think we have that piece functioning like a well oiled machine.