Thursday, July 3, 2008

Favre in Philadelphia? Don't Count On It.

By now we have heard the rumors of Favre supposedly coming back to the Packers or asking for his release to play elsewhere. He again has the itch to play.

The Sporting News lists Philadelphia as a good landing spot for Brett Favre. While this is very unlikely, it brings up a good debate.

If 2008 is the Eagles last year before their Championship window shuts, would you rather have Favre or McNabb quarterbacking the Eagles?

You also wonder who Reid would prefer? Reid did draft McNabb, but his first gig was coaching Farve in Green Bay.

Going into 2008 McNabb is the better choice for the Eagles. But with McNabb's injury history wouldn't it be nice to have Farve waiting in the wings. Cheese heads and cheese steak heads would go nuts for Farve.

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