Thursday, July 17, 2008

Follow The Leader - Westbrook Also Fires Agent

Now this is getting good. is reporting that Brian Westbrook has fired his long time agent Fletcher Smith and is now seeking a new agent. Adding humor to the situation is that Westbrook is looking to hire Sheppard's former agents Lamont Smith and Peter Schaffer to represent him.

Two days, two unhappy Eagles firing their agents.

Westbrook recently vented to the Inquirer about his contract. “When I signed my contract with the Eagles 2½ years ago, they paid me for the level of play I was playing at the time,” Westbrook said. “I’m not at that level no more. I’m at a higher level of play. There’s no question about that. The numbers don’t lie. My numbers have steadily increased from that point until now. Now, I’m at the point where I’m one of the elite backs in the NFL, and I should be compensated that way.”

Though it was possible to build a case for Sheppard not deserving a new contract, there is no way to make that same argument with Westbrook. Westbrook is the Eagles' biggest offense weapon, possibly their ownly true playmaker on the offensive side of the ball. McNabb is good but he is no longer on Westbrook's level.

I mentioned earlier that Joe Banner never budges with contracts, but if he does, Westbrook would be a great place to start. Westbrook is not only the MVP of the team, he might also be the most valuable talent in the entire NFL.

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colonel said...

It almost doesn't pay to excel as an Eagle.....actually, it doesn't pay!