Saturday, July 19, 2008

How About Sheldon Brown The Back-Up?

The odds of Lito Sheppard receiving a new contract from the Eagles are pretty much null. He is currently a back-up cornerback…not too much leverage. If Sheppard was still a starting cornerback his chances for a new contract would still be slime, but at least he would have a hand to play.

Here’s a question. How is Sheldon Brown a starting cornerback on the Eagles? If you had to choose between Sheppard, Asante Samuel, and Brown wouldn’t you choose Sheppard and Samuel?

Sheppard is a two time Pro Bowler. Samuel has 16 interceptions and a Pro Bowl birth over the past two years. Brown has 13 interceptions in 6 years and zero Pro Bowl appearances!

I don’t argue that Brown isn’t a top-flight cover cornerback, an iron man, one of the leagues top hitters. But again, out of the three, isn’t he the weakest link at the cornerback position?

Yes Samuel and Sheppard both play the same position of left cornerback. What Sheppard can’t learn the other side? Honestly a player with his talent can’t make the adjustments to also excel on the right side?

Make Brown the nickel cornerback. Rotate Brown between corner and safety like he did while at South Carolina. Give Dawkins an occasional breather; keep him fresh and healthy for 16 games. Remember Brown’s hit on Reggie Bush? Safeties wish they could lay down the hammer like that! Dawkins can’t play forever, make Brown the heir apparent at free safety. Outside of Dawkins, Brown could be considered the top free safety on the roster!

Starter or back-up Sheppard most likely would still be pushing the Eagles for a new deal. But this fan wonders if the drama would have been lessened if the Eagles didn’t also attack Sheppard’s ego with the label of back-up.

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