Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Huh? Eagles Inquire About Favre? is reporting that the Eagles (yes the Eagles!) have been contacted by the Packers regarding the availability of Brett Favre (yes Brett Favre!).

The Eagles do run an offense similar to Green Bay’s, which relies on a lot of spread formations to stretch the field horizontally, and Andy Reid is a disciple of Mike Holmgren, serving as Favre’s quarterbacks coach at one time. But this is NOT going to happen!

This is probably nothing more than a rumor that will soon go by the waste side. McNabb is the starter, the star quarterback in Philadelphia. If the rumor is true, it would be the second big name star that the Eagles have been linked to this week. Reports also had the Eagles being interested in trading for Jason Taylor before his trade to the Redskins. Can't the Eagles turn their attention back to a wide receiver?!?

Though Favre would be a nice insurance policy in case of another injury to McNabb, the Eagles do not need the Favre drama. And we do not need a quarterback controversy. Last year idiots thought that Feeley was the better choice to quarterback the Eagles. Just imagine the talk if Favre was on the roster.

is the man in Philadelphia. The Eagles will rise or fall on the play of McNabb this season. We do not need or want Favre in Philadelphia. Just stay retired Brett!


Anonymous said...

PFT is full of shit on a regular basis, this is just another example.

chris klinkner said...

agreed! nothing to the rumor! just imagine the field day that 610 would have with this one!

Anonymous said...

Fatass Cataldi is probably gonna bring it up tomorrow, because he's just like that. Screw him and the Dirty 30.

colonel said...

However, just imagine, when McNabb goes down, like clockwork, early or mid season, what people will be saying and wishing for!

Anonymous said...

McNabb has proven when the chips are down he cries hurt!!!! He already showed us he can't win a Super Bowl, so why do we keep bothering with him. Let's try Farve what do we have to lose???? Another Super Bowl??? at least he has won one and did not throw up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

TO sadeaglesfan08: