Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Hank Baskett The Red Zone Answer?

It continues to amaze me that during the lazy days of summer Andy Reid is able to make it through an entire press conference without clearing his throat a single time! Fast forward to September and miraculously the throat clearing reappears!

Outside of there not being any throat clearings during today's press conference, there was also great praise for 3rd year wide out Hank Baskett. Reid was very complimentary of Baskett's performance to date in this training camp:

- Baskett is a "smart guy"
- Baskett is "playing very well"
- Baskett "has a great vertical jump"
- Baskett looks "much stronger this year"

Could Baskett be the answer to solving the Eagles red zone deficiencies? His 6-4, 220 pound frame combined with his strong leaping ability (New Mexico high school record holder in the high jump) would seem to make Baskett the ideal candidate. Have Baskett run a fade to the back of the endzone, McNabb throw a jump ball, and touchdown! So simple.

With the need to keep Baskett in as a blocker last year his numbers decreased significantly from his rookie season. In his first year with the Eagles Basket had 22 receptions for 464 yards and 2 touchdowns. With a healthy set a tight ends this year, Baskett should once again be free to break off from the line and again contribute as a receiving threat.

Red zone, Baskett, six points!

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