Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is McNabb Really The Answer?

“Anyone can throw picks and throw up…”

So I was sitting at work talking with my jerk of a co-worker discussing the Eagles upcoming season. “It all rides on the arm of 5,” I gloated with pure ignorance that is only found in a die-hard Eagles fan.

With a cold stare and pure hatred in his voice, he looks me in my face and says, “Hell, I can throw picks, throw up and smile about it too you know.” What a loser I thought to myself, but he did bring up a good point.

For all of the promise that McNabb and Reid have promised us over the last ten or so seasons, could it be that for all of their success, the dynamic duo’s legacy will be remembered for nothing more than untimely interceptions and vomit?

Sure, one can bring up all the good that McNabb has done for the city and the team itself, but tell me that not one of you blames this man for the Super Bowl loss or even, dare I say, the 2002 NFC Championship Game when he threw the most famous pass in Tampa Bay history?

I ask you, the casual reader, how many times have you watched an Eagles game and said to yourself, “Dammit McNabb, just run…” or “Don’t throw it to him!!”

I have come to realize from my many hours of playing John Madden Football that the only way that 5 will ever live up to our expectations is if you “boost up” his attributes.

I personally have gone the last three seasons and changed his accuracy and speed to reflect what he should be, not what he really is. It’s sad, but it also proves that we Eagles fans just want to win a Super Bowl, even if we have to alter a video game to experience it.

This leads me to the point of this article. Is McNabb really the answer? Is Kolb the answer? I’m tired of reflecting on what could have been or even still what could be.

This season we as Eagles fans deserve an answer to the question if McNabb really is what he has been talked up for so long to be. Deliver the goods man!

Reid has been force feeding us that McNabb is the only one who can bring us a championship, so go out and do it. Seriously, because at this rate, McNabb will only be remembered for spewing piles of warm runny muck, and that right there is something that all of us can do.


Anonymous said...

He has the best int to td ratio in the nfl he really doest through int's much and the eagles through alot, I am a fan get ,off 5's back its not his fault there is not another qb I want, get him a wr and shut up.

colonel said...

Maybe the real question should be: "Is Reid Really The Answer?"

I'm not a real lover of McNabb. but he and the rest of the team need a strategy and game plan from Reid that they can really play with. A strategy and game plan that recognizes and plays to their real strengths and weaknesses, not what Andy imagines them to be.

With no first class receivers and even when McNabb is less than accurate, he insists on throwing the ball.

The real answer is that Reid needs to step up, and as he says each week, "do a beter job".