Friday, July 4, 2008

It's True: Jerome McDougle Worse than Mamula

The recent signing of Bryan Smith should finally bring an end to Jerome McDougle’s disappointing career as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Can we honestly say that we expect McDougle to beat out Abiamiri, Clemons, Cole, Howard, Parker, or Smith?

As the end approaches, this fan wonders, is McDougle a bigger draft bust than Mike Mamula?

The answer is yes. When you compare Mamula to McDougle, Mamula looks like a star.

Both McDougle and Mamula were first round draft picks of the Eagles. Mamula was drafted with the seventh overall pick in the 1995 draft. McDougle was drafted with the fifteenth overall pick in the 2003 draft.

The Eagles completed draft day trades to move up and select both McDougle and Mamula. To select Mamula, the Eagles traded their first-round pick (12th overall) and two second-round draft choices to Tampa Bay. To select McDougle, the Eagles traded their number 30 and 62 picks to San Diego.

As Mamula and McDougle share the same position, defensive end, it is easy to compare the numbers. The numbers overwhelmingly favor Mike Mamula. Whoever thought you would you read such a statement about Mamula?

Mamula played five seasons with the Eagles, appearing in 77 games. During those five seasons Mamula collected 31.5 sacks, with a career high of 8.5 sacks in 1999. Mamula even managed to score two defensive touchdowns. Again, not great numbers. But when compared to McDougle they are Hall of Fame caliber.

McDougle has been with the Eagles for six years. Unfortunately because of various injuries suffered on and off the field, McDougle has been active for only three seasons. In those three years McDougle appeared in 33 games and recorded 3 sacks. His career high was 2 sacks in 2004.

Again, this fan is not saying that Mamula was not a huge disappointment. The statement “Who will be this years Mamula” that we hear yearly on draft day is certainly deserved.

But moving forward, when we compare draft busts of the Eagles, the new standard should be Jerome McDougle.

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