Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jason Taylor Would Have Been A Nice Solution

It was a bad day to be a defensive end on the Eagles.

Victor Abiamiri had surgery on his fractured wrist and Chris Clemons was rushed to the hospital for dehydration. The DE numbers were so bad at practice that LB Andy Studebaker was called upon to play some end.

So where does this leave the Eagles? Well reports have Abiamiri out out for the next four months. The Eagles will have to face the decision of possibly inactivating him for the entire season. Clemons with some rest and time off should be able to make a full recovery at some point during camp.

The Eagles entered camp with DE being a position of strength and depth. Abiamiri was to challenge Parker for the starting end spot opposite Trent Cole.

Now the Eagles will have to hope that Bryan Smith can make a rookie contribution or dare I say it, possibly give Jerome McDougal a roster spot. So it short the Eagles are left with an undersized rookie from McNeese State or draft bust McDougal. Oh I almost forgot, there is also the option of Darren Howard...NOT!!

And to think (if reports were true) the Eagles could have had Jason Taylor for a 2nd and 5th round pick. A six time Pro Bowler, former Defensive Player of the Year, a DE who on a down year in 2007 still had 11 sacks!

Even without the recent rash of injuries trading for Taylor would of made sense. Abiamiri may have a lot of potential, but potential doesn't also pan out. Taylor was a sure thing, an estbalished veteran.

All I can say is that the players the Eagles draft with those picks better be pretty damn special. Here's to a fast and speedy recovery for Abiamiri and Clemons.

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