Monday, July 21, 2008

The Jolly Fat Man...

Looks like the big guy had a nice vacation! Andy Reid held his annual opening season press conference this afternoon and was filled with smiles, jokes, and laughter!

As the season moves forward there will be plenty of time to hate the coach, think he is an idiot, think you could do a better job. But today was the first day of what all Eagle fans hope is the first step to ending the championship drought. Everyone team is sporting a perfect record, no losses on the resume.

Some interesting takeaways from the press conference were that Reid plans to meet with Sheppard when he arrives at camp, does not plan to hold such a talk with Westbrook (showing faith in Banner to get the contract squabble resolved), and that there is open competition for the starting cornerback spot opposite Samuel (think Reid was reading my blog?).

Well time to go ALL in Eagle fans. Time to cheer the birds on, hoping that despite their deficiencies, 2008 is THE year. Tampa Bay here we come...we hope!

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