Monday, July 28, 2008

A Leopard Doesn't Change It's Spots

Was that a pig I just saw flying? Might the Eagles actually rework a player's contract? Is the unthinkable about to happen?

If recent reports are correct you hear that new contract offers have been made by the Eagles to Brian Westbrook. They may not have been to Westbrook's liking, but at least action is being taken by management.

Then over the weekend you hear that Joe Banner and Andy Reid met with Lito Sheppard's agent Drew Rosenhaus to discuss Sheppard's ongoing unhappiness.

Taking such steps with each of the players is so unlike Eagles management. Could they finally be realizing the problems that their penny-pinching ways are causing? Time to finally share some of the wealth they have with their 18 million dollars plus in cap space?

Wrong! The latest reports indicate that following the meeting there is still no change in the Eagles position with Sheppard. They are still against trading Sheppard or redoing his contract. The injury to Samuel gave Sheppard zip in leverage. Sounds like the Eagles management that we have come to know and hate!

And if you aren't going to change Joe, please spare us lines like, "You do appreciate that they're [Westbrook and Sheppard] doing the right thing. There's certainly a psychological component to negotiating and it helps for us to be feeling good about how they're acting."

The fans could care less how you are feeling. We want our players to be happy. Their happiness means a strong performance on the field and in return, our happiness. The right thing would of been Westbrook holding out. Make you sweat it out. Would you have been stupid enough to go into a season without your top star?

So our hopes of a change now rest with Westbrook. Come on Joe you can do it. Rework his contract. End some of this drama, show you are a man that can change your spots.

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