Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lito Sheppard Signs Drew Rosenhaus As Agent

For the Eagles to be contenders in 2008 they need a dominant defense. In order for the defense to be dominant they need Lito Sheppard.

So today's report of Lito Sheppard signing Drew Rosenhaus as his agent cannot be good news to an Eagles fan. I am already picturing Sheppard doing sit-ups in his driveway!

The reports from Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sportsnet also had Rosenhaus down at the NovaCare Complex today meeting with Howie Roseman (Joe Banner also called into the meeting).

The details and purpose of the meeting are still unknown. The news could be good news. Maybe the Eagles came to their senses and will reward Sheppard with a new contract. Eliminate any trouble before the start of camp next week.

But when you hear the name Drew Rosenhaus and the Eagles you tend to think bad news. Remember the T.O. mess. Could Sheppard, who was absent from the last mini-camp, be planning an absence from training camp as well?

The Eagles cannot screw this Sheppard situation up. They had their time to trade him and help improve this year's team. They choose to keep Sheppard and must now make this work!

So much for the quiet...stay tuned!

Update: is reporting all indications are that Rosenhaus has told the Eagles in the meeting that Sheppard is expected to report to training camp when the veterans report on Thursday, July 24. “I’m very optimistic, working with the Eagles, that we’re going to find a mutually beneficial solution,” Rosenhaus said.

Despite the update I am not feeling too comfortable with the whole situation. You just don't go out and hire Rosenhaus as your agent to keep things status quo. Changes most likely lie ahead.

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colonel said...

When will people learn? I guess maybe there is some truth to football players going to college just to play football and not take classes! The Eagles will not negotiate anything that they don't want to negotiate. Lito Sheppard can have Drew Rosenhaus or my dead grandmother (although maybe Joe Banner is afraid of ghosts) as his agent and the Eagles are going to give him the same deal! TO tried it. Others tried it, and they got no where.

Oh well. More sit ups and silly posturing. At least if Training Camp is boring it will give us something to look at and talk about!