Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not All Cowboy Fans Are Idiots

A local columnist on lists his Top Ten Players in the NFL. Donovan McNabb cracks the top ten, while local Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not listed.

Wait, Cowboys fans are still idiots...where is Westbrook in the rankings?

1. Tom Brady. Yeah, I know Brady didn't win a Super Bowl. But he did lead the Pats to a 16-0 regular season mark.
2. Peyton Manning. Came up short of Super Bowl repeat last season, but still one of the best at his position.
3. Shawne Merriman. Picked up 29 sacks the last two season and is a force on every play.
4. LaDainian Tomlinson. Horrible finish to the season, but we expect a strong 2008.
5. Randy Moss. Best receiver in the game. The Other 81 can't be stopped.
6. Bob Sanders. Best secondary player in the game in terms of changing the game.
7. DeMarcus Ware. Expect an even bigger year for the Cowboys outside backer.
8. Donovan McNabb. I know, I know, McNabb has battle injuries. But we think he'll comeback.
9. Eli Manning. Won a Super Bowl and that moves him up the charts.
10. Champ Bailey. Best cover corner in the game. The players don't believe there's such a thing. But there is.

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