Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Even One of the Twenty-Five Best?

Sporting released their rankings of the top 25 wide receivers in the NFL and the Eagles did not land a single receiver in the rankings.

While it wasn't expected for Kevin Curtis or Reggie Brown to crack the top 10, it is surprising that Curtis did not at least make the listing. His 2007 numbers of 1110 yards, 77 receptions, and 6 touchdowns were quite impressive and matched by only a handful of other receivers. And don't forget Curtis managed these numbers with A.J. Feeley as his quarterback for 3 games.

While the rankings are only one magazine's thoughts (though they did nail it with Westbrook as the #2 running back), it is still hard to comprehend ranking receivers Roddy White, Bernard Berrian, and Calvin Johnson ahead of Curtis. You won't get any complaints here about Brown not cracking the top 25.

With a healthy McNabb and another year in the Eagles' system Curtis should only improve on last year's total. He will prove the doubters wrong.

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colonel said...

So I guess I'm not the only one who thinks the Eagles needed to sign a good receiver during the off season!