Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Not So Great, Not So Bad L.J. Smith

I think I might be becoming obsessed with the Sporting News Rankings! The latest listing ranks the top tight ends in the league.

L.J. Smith makes an appearance in the list, though he is ranked number 16. Not very impressive for a player that the Eagles used their franchise tag on and are pinning their hopes on to improve last year's dismal red zone numbers.

And not to infuriate Westbrook anymore, but Smith will be paid only a few hundred thousand dollars less than Westbrook in 2008. Andy you wonder why Westbrook is upset!

The blurb on Smith is: Smith was a top passing option for Donovan McNabb prior to '07 -- when he was healthy. He makes his home in the middle of the field and uses a soft pair of hands to catch most balls thrown his way. Smith isn't strong in traffic and lacks power as a blocker, but he is adequate in both areas.

Never a good thing when one of your offense stars in described as adequate. Despite his ranking I expect a nice year from Smith. It is a contract year for him!

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