Sunday, July 6, 2008

Philadelphia: Another Missed Opportunity

In a previous post I had mentioned how Philadelphia fans are constantly being teased. Rumors and headlines always have the big stars supposedly on their way to Philadelphia.

We as a fan begin to envision a better receiving core for the Eagles, a dominant low post scorer for the 76ers, or an ace joining the Phillies pitching staff. We dream of the new acquisition finally ending our championship drought of 100 seasons.

Well the teasing and disappointment continues. Reports have C.C. Sabathia going to the Brewers for a slew of minor leaguers. As a Philly fan we must now keep our fingers crossed that a trip to the minors can right what ails Brett Myers.

Before this news, a Philadelphia fan was greeted with the news that Elton Brand was no longer in the plans of the 76ers and that Josh Smith left town without a contract offer.

It might be too early to give up hope on the Phillies and the 76ers acquiring their missing pieces. The MLB trading deadline is still a few weeks away and free agency only just started in the NBA.

As Eagles training camp is now only a few weeks away it is safe to assume that there will be no big name receivers making their way to the Linc. Maybe the additions of Samuel, Clemons, and Booker are enough to get the Eagles back to the playoffs.

Yes the rumors do make for interesting news and conversation with your buddies. But for once it would be nice for a rumor to become a reality. Season after season, year after year, team after team it is the same story.

So close, but so sorry. Here’s hoping that the pieces in place are good enough to get our beloved 76ers, Phillies, and Eagles to the top. Unfortunately the track record of each team does not paint a promising picture.

Despite the teasing this fan still believes that this year is the year for the Phillies and the Eagles. Unfortunately I will probably be saying the same thing in 2009!

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colonel said...

There's always the Philadelphia 'Soul'. they're going to the National Championship...not that anyone really cares about Arena Football!