Saturday, July 12, 2008

Philadelphia Eagle Fans: Simply the Best

What's an Eagles fan impression of an Eagles fan? Matt Jacobs thinks there is none better. No argument here.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
Some might call this biased, but the most passionate fans in all of sports are without question Philadelphia Eagles fans. Eagles fans are cold-blooded bastards and probably give KC a run for their money as being the loudest. They are, by far, the most knowledgeable fans in the league, and invented the perfect "boo."

What cemented Philadelphia fans’ reputation as the most amoral, loathsome collection in sports is famously called The Booing of Santa Clause. You would boo and throw snow balls too if Santa came out drunk in a half-done costume. We demand all out effort every play from our players, coaches, and Santas.

The passion of an Eagles fan is so great that they had a jail in the old stadium! The 700 Level was considered worse than one of Dante's Levels of Hell. They simply demand all out effort from their players. They must deal with sports owners whose actions have not produced a champion in 25 years.

The Eagles, who are clearly the favorite team in Philadelphia, haven't hoisted a championship flag in 48 years. The waiting list for season tickets is so long that you could sell out three stadiums full of Eagles fans for games.

Eagles fans are just as passionate for their hatred of the Cowboys. Ask any Eagles fans this question, "Who's your favorite team?" and you will get the same response, "The Birds and whoever is playing the Cowboys." Until you've been in an Eagles fans shoes, you just don't understand.

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