Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles - Could Of Been A Dynasty

As the Eagles begin preparations for another season, it is funny to think that with a few what ifs, we could be talking about an Eagles dynasty!

The Eagles, and not the Patriots, could have been the Team of the Decade.

Instead the Eagles remain without a championship during the Super Bowl Era. The city of Philadelphia remains with a sports title for 100 seasons.

But just imagine…one off-season signee not singed, one triceps tendon not torn, one no huddle offense run, and one lucrative contract given.

The end result is at least two Super Bowl Titles and one NFC Championship.

2001: Why go overboard, the 11-5 record and NFC Championship Game loss can stay as is. 2001 is the bridge to the Eagles run of championships.

2002: The Eagles never sign Blaine Bishop in the off-season. The touchdown by Joe Jurevicius does not happen. The Buccaneers never gain the momentum that carried them to victory in the NFC Championship Game.

The Buccaneers went on to beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII 48-21. It is not hard to believe the Eagles not beating the Raiders in a similar fashion.

2003: Brian Westbrook does not tear his triceps tendon in the final game of the regular season. Westbrook does not miss the playoffs, and the Eagles are able to score more than 14 points NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers.

The New England Patriots will beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

2004: The Eagles go to a new huddle offense when they get the ball at their own 21-yard line with 5:40 left in the game. The game management strategy leaves the Eagles with more than 1:55 to mount their fourth quarter comeback.

McNabb can even still get sick on the field. It would just add to the drama.

The Eagles beat the New England Patriots 27-24 in Super Bowl XXXIX.

2005: The Eagles reward Terrell Owens with e new, lucrative contract. In 14 games during the 2004 season, Owens caught 77 passes for 1200 yards and 14 touchdowns.

The dynamic duo of McNabb and Owens is in place for years to come as both individual and team success are achieved.

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