Thursday, July 17, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles Management - Buzz Killers

Is the buzz gone?

Yes we still love the Eagles. Yes we love McNabb, Dawkins, Westbrook, and all the others who wear Eagles green. We love football. We fans are 60,000 deep on the season ticket waiting list.

But is the same excitement from years back still there with the Eagles? Listening to fans the answer appears to be no. Who or what is to blame?

Could it be the rise and excitement of the other teams in the city? It's possible, but I don't believe that is the main reason.

I think the true reason is the arrogance of Eagles Management. We are entering year number ten of the Andy Reid and Joe Banner regime. You can't deny or overlook that the Eagles have achieved great success under Reid and Banner, but their act is growing tiresome with fans.

The events of the past 2 days (new agents for Sheppard and Westbrook) again highlight the philosophy that it is Banner's way and that is the only way. You have outplayed your current contract, to bad, we aren't renegotiating it!

Yes sports is a business. But Banner has taken it to the extreme. It is always about the bottom line. Congratulations for turning the Eagles into a billion dollar empire. But where are the championships? Over the past few years you have continued to put a playoff caliber product on the field. But you and Andy refuse to take the next steps and bring in or keep the final pieces to finally bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia. Eagle fans want championships not playoff appearances. You claim to be the gold standard of the NFL. Unfortunately for the Eagle fans there is no hardware to support the claim.

And the scary thing is that Banner’s cronies are moving up the ranks of the Eagles Front Office. Just look at the recent promotion of Howie Roseman. A contract guy is now one of the top player personnel decision makers. The Banner way continues to prevail within the Eagles organization.

And don’t even get me started on Jeffrey Lurie. The owner of a Philadelphia franchise was seen prancing around in a Boston Celtics jersey this summer. I am guessing the recent signing of Elton Brand by the Sixers didn’t go over well with Lurie. I wouldn’t be surprised to find him sporting a Brady jersey on NFL game days!

It is also humorous that when you look for information on Lurie’s old film company, you find the following statement “His corporation did not make any blockbuster hits.” Kinda like the Eagles and championships!

Reid, again great coach, but could it be time to move onto another coach? Andy Reid has to be one of the most stubborn, set-in-his-ways coaches in the NFL. I can't be the only fan tired of Reid constantly trying to show the league that he is smarter than everyone else. It’s a running down; I’ll show them and throw the ball when we only need inches for a first down.

Andy wants you to believe that it’s his system and not the players that make the Eagles successful. A top-flight receiver, Andy doesn't need him. Andy can put anyone out there and the system will make us win. But what else would you expect from a coach whose top assistant coach (Marty Mornhinweg) once declined the ball after winning the coin toss in overtime!

And for the love of god can Andy actually answer a question during a press conference. Andy we know you need to do a better job, how about telling us how. Can he please stop clearing his throat!!

It sucked to watch the Eagles lose the opening game against the Packers last year because of special team blunders. But it just proved the point that you need players, you can't just throw anyone out there to do the job.

It was also great to watch the Eagles make the Super Bowl after they signed Terrell Owens, a true number one receiver. See Andy you do need a good receiver to make a passing offense work at its highest level.

Again I bleed Eagles green with the best of them, been a season ticket holder for years. But the arrogance of Eagles management is disgusting and killing our Eagles buzz! Makes me just want to “McNabb” all over my desk.

Note to Sheppard and Westbrook, if you want a new agent, you should look up Andy Reid's agent. The Eagles had no problem redoing and extending his contract back in 2004.


colonel said...

Just remember, all will be forgiven if the Eagles have a winning season and make it through the playoffs. And, if they don't, well, Andy and Joe and the gang will be back again next year, and the fans will again say, "wait till next year"!

Anonymous said...

"Note to Sheppard and Westbrook, if you want a new agent, you should look up Andy Reid's agent. The Eagles had no problem redoing and extending his contract back in 2004."

The Eagles also extended Lito Sheppard's contract in 2004... They extended Westbrook in 2005.